Well-Known Turkish Jewish Couple Found Murdered


A prominent Turkish Jewish couple were found murdered in their Istanbul home.

Philadelphia Synagogue’s Historian Found Dead In Home


A Philadelphia man who served as his synagogue’s informal historian was found beaten to death in his home.

Organizations Across Political Spectrum Condemn Arab Murder

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After Gaza militants unleashed their heaviest rocket fire in 20 months, there has been an outpouring of support for Israel from Jewish groups across the political spectrum. Both from the left and right, Jewish organizations condemned the murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

Riots After Palestinian Teen Found Dead

Palestinian authorities claim the attack was revenge.

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In what Palestinians are claiming to be an act of revenge for the three slain Israeli youth, the body of a Palestinian youth was found in a Jerusalem forest on Wednesday. As the tensions escalate, Israeli leaders call for restraint until the facts become clearer.

Palestinians throw stones at the Israeli police during clashes on Wednesday. Courtesy of

Menachem Stark Murder Prompts State Bill To Expedite Victim ID Process

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A bill to be introduced in the state Legislature will require authorities to quickly disseminate information about a murder victim to expedite the identification process. The bill was prompted by the Jan. 3rd murder of Menachem Stark, a chasidic businessman from Williamsburg, which remains unsolved.

Menachem Stark

American Samuel Sheinbein, Jailed In Israel, Killed After Shooting Prison Guards


JERUSALEM — Samuel Sheinbein, an American jailed in Israel for a murder committed in Maryland, was shot and killed after shooting three prison guards.

Beyond 'The Hats': Appreciating The Diversity Of Chasidic New York

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The horrific murder last month of developer Menachem Stark and uproar over the callous media coverage of his life and death has put New York’s chasidic communities again at the center of attention. Whatever the facts established around Mr. Stark’s violent end and business dealings, and apart from the variety of opinions around headlines and protests – and there are sure to be more headlines, there is now a moment to plainly discuss our Hasidic neighbors and their increasingly prominent place in our shared civic life.

Michael Tobman

Report: Stark DNA Found In Kidnap Van


Traces of DNA of Brooklyn real estate developer Menachem Stark was found in a van seized by police in the investigation of his kidnapping and murder.

Business, Not Bias, Seen In Murder

Cops said to be operating on theory that captors were thugs for hire.

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Detectives are investigating the business dealings of the financially troubled Satmar real estate developer and landlord whose charred corpse was pulled from a Great Neck Dumpster Friday, miles from the Williamsburg office where he was abducted the night before.

A law enforcement source told The Jewish Week hate crimes detectives were not currently involved, though all angles are being investigated. On Monday afternoon the family of Menachem Stark offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of his killers.

Surveillance image shows van carrying Menachem Stark after his abduction late Thursday. Image courtesy NYPD

Kidnapped Chasidic Developer Found Dead In Great Neck


Menachem Stark, a financially troubled Satmar chasidic real estate developer who was kidnapped outside his Brooklyn office, was found dead in  garbage dumpster at a Great Neck gas startion hours later. His body had been burned and he reportedly died of suffocation. The body was discovered just as Shabbat was starting Friday afternoon around 4 p.m.

The body appears to have been dumped the night before and was in the dumpster all day until a gas station employee investigated the smell of burnt flesh.

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