No Kid Gloves: Anne Lieberman

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Anne Lieberman’s a fighter — but only for the good.


Step Right Up, Folks, And Buy Your Very Own Newspaper

What MOT might snap up the Times?

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It’s been quite an awful week for old media. In the last few days, three once-proud and once-powerful print news organizations were sold at bargain basement prices. Newsweek was sold to a digital news company. The Boston Globe to John Henry, the owner of the Boston Red Sox. And the Washington Post went to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

Ari L. Goldman

Jason Lieberman, 34


Disabilities advocate.

Born prematurely, Jason Lieberman probably didn’t get enough oxygen during his birth. Brain cells that control movement and his lower limbs died. At 11 months, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.


Josh Lipowsky, 31

Assistant Managing Editor/Online Editor

@TheBigLipowsky, thekosher
The kosher bachelor.

When Josh Lipowsky got tired of going to the Upper West Side for Jewish singles events, he began to organize events closer to his Northern New Jersey home.

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Josh Lipowsky, 31, kosher bachelor, media

“The husband said ‘we weren’t sure what to expect from a guy who lives on his own and works. My wife ate before she came and now she is sorry.’”
-- Josh Lipowsky, 31

Bethany Mandel, 27

Associate Editor

@ BethanyShondark
Free spirit, freethinker.

Earlier this spring, with ice still in the Garden (Madison Square Garden), Seth Mandel announced to his wife Bethany, “I have something very important to tell the baby,” the firstborn they’re expecting in the fall.

Bethany Mandel

Talia Weisberg, 18

Young, Orthodox and feminist.

It all began with Betty Friedan. In the summer before ninth grade, Talia Weisberg, started perusing “The Feminine Mystique.” “Once I started reading, I couldn’t go back.”

Talia Weisberg
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Talia Weisberg, feminist, scholar"Do you support equal pay for women? Do you support equal political and economic rights for women? So, nu, you’re a feminist.”
-- Talia Weisberg, 18


Alison Klayman, 28

Contributing editor / Blueprint Editor

The power of documentaries.

When Alison Klayman traveled to Beijing after graduating from Brown University in 2006, she had ambitions, but no concrete plans beyond learning Mandarin and tagging along on a friend’s family visit.

Alison Klayman
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Alison Klayman, filmmaker, Chinese speaker

“My parents value what Ai Weiwei has come to stand for. Individual courage, the ability to speak truth to power — these are the values I was raised with.”
-- Alison Klayman, 28

Michael Witman, 32

Contributing editor / blueprint editor

Staying calm in a crisis.

Mike Witman doesn’t like to use the word “I.”

During Hurricane Sandy, when the North Shore of Long Island was plunged into darkness, Witman, who is director of education at Temple Beth-El of Great Neck, had a vision: the Temple would serve as a shelter, office building and day care for families who were without power.

Michael Witman

Doni Joszef, 30

Contributing editor / blueprint editor
Fighting the bullies.

He says he’s never seen “Welcome Back Kotter,” but Doni Joszef is a 2013 version of Gabe Kotter, the beloved high school teacher from the 1970s sitcom who returned to his old high school stomping grounds.

Doni Joszef

Keeping A Wary Eye On Palestinian Media

The incitement is reminiscent of a run-up to war.

Associate Editor

Campaigning recently in Queens, Bob Turner, the Republican candidate for Rep. Anthony Weiner’s congressional seat, demanded that the Obama administration “stop paying the salaries of Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons.”

More than 5,500 terrorists are getting higher salaries (3,200 shekels per month, about $800) in prison than even the Palestinian civil servants are earning (2,800 shekels, about $700), according to reports, with the money coming, in part, from American foreign aid.

Itamar Marcus, director of PMW, has noticed a demonization of not only Israel but Jews in the official Palestinian media
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