Obama's Jewish Voice Speaks

Once again Republicans are predicting a sea change in Jewish voting and are working to make support for Israel a partisan wedge issue in the 2012 election campaign. Their 2008 fear-and-smear campaign, with some virtually accusing Barack Obama of being a Moslem Manchurian candidate, failed dismally.

Joe Lieberman Backs Weprin For Congress

Independent and soon-to-retire Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut offered some strong pro-Israel street cred to Queens Democrat David Weprin yesterday with his endorsement. The 2000 Dem vice presidential nominee and 2004 presidential contender is, of course, considered a major Israel defender in the Senate.

This is more than just a typical partisan endorsement since Lieberman, with a bone to pick against his former party for turning their back on him in his 2006 re-election bid, backed Republican John McCain for president in 2008, even speaking at the GOP's convention.

McCain’s Religious Gambit

03/02/2000 - 19:00
Staff Writer
As Super Tuesday looms, Sen. John McCain’s campaign is counting on his sharp attacks on the Christian right this week to boost his prospects among moderate, Northeastern Republican voters — including many Jews. “No candidate for Congress or for the Senate, let alone for president, has dared to tell it like it is in the midst of a campaign as John McCain has had the guts to do,” said Sid Green, an Arizona Democrat who is coordinating Jewish outreach efforts for McCain.
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