Shakin' The Lulav

Starring David Bar-Cohn, Moshe Hamburg, Stuart Schnee and Dr. Efraim Rosenbaum. Based on the song "Twist & Shout". Lyrics/Director/Editor - David Bar-Cohn. Filmed Oct. 11, 2011 in Ramat Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem.

Four Species OK For Air Travel, Says TSA

09/27/2012 - 20:00

Plants used for Sukkot can be carried on an airplane, the Transportation Security Administration said.

The TSA, which is a part of the U.S. Homeland Security Department, said it will allow palm branches, myrtle twigs, willow twigs and citrons in airports, through security checkpoints and on airplanes. The items and the people carrying them must go through security screenings; the items are not on any prohibited list.


10/13/2005 - 20:00
Staff Writer and Israel Correspondent
On a cold and rainy night this week, a major New York-area distributor of lulav and etrog sets drove his truck to a Brooklyn pier at midnight and hauled away 10,000 sets for next week's Sukkot holiday. He bought the sets in a cash-only transaction from an importer (no questions asked) who had told him that if he wanted his supply, he should "be there at midnight." "I felt like I was in a crime movie," the distributor later told a friend.
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