Occupied Territory

Associate Editor
Beneath the angst among American Jews about how we, of all people, can relate to whatís happening in Kosovo, and how much we, of all people, are doing to alleviate the horror, many Israelis are saying that we, of all people, should be slower to jump atop a propaganda bandwagon in which refugees are pawns.

Were We Duped?

Associate Publisher
Many Jews are still basking in the righteousness of our response to Kosovo. Not only did Jews race to assist Kosovo refugees, but it was “our” Holocaust and the command to “remember” that was President Clinton’s frequent war slogan. Jewish organizations took out full-page ads invoking the freight trains that took us to Auschwitz and were now taking Kosovars to ... where? Correspondents depicted Kosovo refugees, particularly the smudge-faced young girls, as modern Anne Franks, quintessential innocents, as deserving of help as the Jews ever were.

Kosovo Crisis Roils U.S.-Israel Relations

Washington Correspondent
Kosovo Crisis Roils U.S.-Israel Relations U.S.-Israel relations, already strained by differences over the Oslo and Wye River agreements and the expansion of Jewish settlements, hit a new minefield this week as officials in Jerusalem signaled ambivalence about the U.S.-led NATO campaign to stop ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. That reticence, officials here complain, damages Israel’s claim to be America’s most steadfast ally.

Exodus Spurs Jewish Action

Groups respond to the intensifying Serbian campaign of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and the tidal wave of ethnic Albanian refugees

Washington Correspondent
As Jews worldwide celebrated the deliverance from bondage in Egypt, a modern exodus of horrific proportions was spurring soul searching and urgent action by an array of Jewish organizations.
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