Gefilteria Gets Kosher Seal In Time For Rosh HaShanah

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It could have been a Yiddish curse for religiously observant foodies: May your gefilte fish become upscale, artisanal and hip ... but not be certified kosher.

That’s what happened this spring, when much-buzzed-about gourmet versions of the classic Ashkenazi dish began appearing around New York.

Gefilte fish is going upscale without forgetting its kosher roots.

Crumbs Kosher Cupcakes Returns -- This Time, With Challah

Oh Crumbs! With new goal to diversify products, the cupcake chain rises again. Ever heard of a Baissant?

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The stars have aligned one again for cupcake lovers around New York City. 

Crumbs Cupcakes reopen their NYC stores today. Via

New Wines, Outside

Toast the harvest holiday of Sukkot with flair by laying in a stock of these new kosher wines.

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With festive eating aplenty in the offing, including as many as 22 square meals in the sukkah, what more opportune time to explore some of the new wines hitting the kosher market?

New Hope for Crumbs Kosher Cupcakes

'The Profit' star Marcus Lemonis mulls investing in Crumbs Bakery, but plan isn't fully baked yet.

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Fear not, kosher cupcake lovers — there is still hope.

Marcus Lemonis, star of CNBC’s “The Profit,” has agreed to finance the cupcake chain that abruptly closed its doors this week, the New York Times DealBook reported. Currently, he is outlining a new strategy that will expand Crumbs’ offerings beyond cupcakes.

The cupcake king might be coming back. Via

Supper Club Goes Kosher

Hire-a-chef network seeks new market among observant Jews. Duck a l'orange, anyone?

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In a candlelit penthouse in Brooklyn, thirty guests mill about with basil cocktails in hand. Handcrafted canapés are brought around on delicate china trays, and the crowd samples tartare of mackerel and mushrooms stuffed with a white wine and herb mixture.

Chef Ygael Tresser prepares Red Fruit Mille Feuille for dessert. Courtesy of Chana Blumes.

Seeing Red Over Wine Heksher

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It’s David and Goliath in the Holy Land, again, but this time the giant is the Israeli Chief Rabbinate and the weapon wielded by the little guy is a bottle of dry red.

Rajum Winery offers desert-grown grapes and kosher supervision from outside the Rabbinate. Photo courtesy Rajum Winery

Tradition, Against The Grain

Baking for the fall holidays with a gluten-free touch.

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Lisa Stander-Horel has vivid memories of growing up, watching her mother create classic Jewish holiday baked goods in their kitchen.

Lisa Standler-Horel and Tim Horel’s apple upside-down cake.

The 'Test-Tube Cheeseburger' Tantalizes

"From what I know about this thing, for sure it's not kosher."

Party Or Cooking Class?

Both! A foodie groupie gets tips -- and dinner -- at the JCC.

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Dear reader. You will be forgiven for assuming that, as the creator of the Jewish Week’s Food & Wine section, I am a foodie. What I really am is a foodie groupie: I don’t have the time/money/discipline/passion to become a really great home cook, say, or an intrepid explorer of extreme ethnic foods in the darkness of the outer boroughs.

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