Israel, health care and gays in the militar

As Congress debates health care reform and frets about the special interests that want to make it a lot less than genuine reform, maybe it’s a good time for lawmakers to take a good look at how Israel delivers medical services.

Talking Points Memo’s Jo-Ann Mort does here.  While Mort is no fan of Israeli policies with respect to the Palestinians, she thinks its health care system has ours beat by a country mile.

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Special to the Jewish Week

American schools used to teach a version of the history of immigration to the New World that was based on a happy-talk model in which everyone came here seeking freedom and prosperity, faced a brief period of hostility, then assimilated painlessly into the "melting pot" of a universally healthy culture.

Every immigrant group made its contribution to America, which was usually highlighted by cuisine and a couple of ethnic heroes, preferably non-controversial ones like athletes and movie stars.

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