Don't Take Your iPad to Israel

If you just bought the new iPad from Apple and your thinking about what a luxury it will be on your eleven-plus hour flight to Israel... think again!

Giving Blood Made Easier For Israel Visitors

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Saying there cannot be a greater expression of solidarity with the people of Israel, Jewish leaders here announced that arrangements have been made for visitors to Israel to donate blood at their hotels or other convenient locations. Some 25 mobile units will be made available to accommodate visiting groups of Jews and non-Jews who wish to donate blood, which will be used to meet regular medical services as well as the demands of terror victims and soldiers.

Far From The 2000 Crowd

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Y2K fears are expected to keep throngs of visitors, notably Christians, from ringing in the New Year in the official destination of the millennium. So acknowledges Israel’s commissioner for tourism in North America, Arie Sommer, despite a fare war on flights to Israel, special hotel discounts and a gala New Year’s Eve party that are expected to draw a record number of visitors to the Jewish state this year and appreciably more next year.

No Day Of Rest For El Al?

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The chairman of the newly privatized El Al Israel Airlines, Izzy Borovich, is up in the air on whether El Al will fly on the Sabbath. “The issue of Shabbat, besides being a religious issue, is an economic one,” he told The Jewish Week. “We’re studying the issue.”

Insurers Consider Ban On Denial For Israel Travel

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Travelers to Israel or other international destinations could no longer be denied life insurance if a proposal by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners is adopted. The proposal, which was adopted Sunday by the committee of the group that represents insurance regulators from all 50 states, is expected to be approved by the entire organization. It will then propose that it be enacted by each state.

The Private Skies

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El Al, Israel’s national airline, will become a totally private operation by the end of this year, the company has disclosed, and may be flying on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays as early as this summer. Sheryl Stein, a spokeswoman for El Al in New York, said the government was continuing to sell its shares of the company and would be totally divested “by the end of December.”

Mixed Effect On Tourism

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After a harrowing vacation in Belize in February — during which they huddled in a room for three hours to escape gunmen who had taken over the hotel next door and robbed the guests — Lori and Larry Spiegel of Huntington, L.I., were looking forward to a relaxing trip to Israel next month to celebrate their son’s bar mitzvah. But the war in Israel has changed all that.

Lessons In Danger, And Resolve

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Jessica Leifer, a college student studying Hebrew this summer at the University of Haifa, went into a bomb shelter for the first time last Thursday just as a “precaution.” But when she went in again Sunday, it was the real thing. “We heard intermittent booms,” Leifer, 20, said of the missiles that exploded nearby and kept her in the shelter for three hours.

Mama Mia! El Al Dropped For Alitalia

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Will they be playing “Aveinu Shalom Aleichem” in Italian? The Israeli government has decided to drop national airline El Al in favor of Italy’s Alitalia as its carrier of choice.

A Room Up North

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Pay now, stay later. That was the message from Israel’s Ministry of Tourism this week as it sought to convince Americans to pay now for a reduced rate at a hotel, bed and breakfast or guesthouse run by a kibbutz in northern Israel. The push is on to book as many rooms as possible because virtually all of those facilities and their nearly 11,000 rooms have been closed for more than a month because of the rockets Hezbollah terrorists have been firing into northern Israel.
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