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Yisrael Beiteinu Campaign Slogan Calls For Israeli-Arab Land Swaps

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Jerusalem — The Israeli political party Yisrael Beiteinu’s new campaign slogan pushes the idea of swapping land on which Arab-Israelis live to a future Palestinian state for West Bank land.

The slogan, “Ariel for Israel, Umm al-Fahm to Palestine,” was unveiled Thursday. The party’s other slogan is “Tachles, Liberman.” Tachles is a Yiddish expression meaning telling it like it is, and Avigdor Liberman is the party chief.

Ari Lesser- Israel Apartheid?

Hip hop Israel defender Ari Lesser takes on the Israel-apartheid comparison used by Jimmy Carter and others. "If you think that's apartheid it's because/You don't know what Apartheid really was."  Please see Alan Zeitlin's recent interview with Ari Lesser here.

Federation Leaders Pressed On Arab Integration

Trajtenberg study offers blueprint to bring Israeli Arabs into mainstream society; education seen as key.

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In Israel, military service is the way young men and women in their formative years develop friendships and connections that often lead to later employment opportunities.

Israel’s economy is suffering because most Arab and haredi citizens are not working. Photo courtesy UJA-Federation

For Israel’s Arabs, Sense of Disenfranchisement as Israel Marks 63rd Birthday


JERUSALEM (JTA) -- In an elegant limestone building in a Jerusalem neighborhood that before 1948 was home to the city’s Palestinian elite, a group of Jewish and Arab Israeli academics recently tried to untangle one of Israel’s most complex and charged questions: the status of its Arab minority.

For Israel Independence Day, A New Vision For Building Society

Special to the Jewish Week

It is once again that time of year; our three young children – along with many others - are sorting through the ever-growing collection of Israeli flags to adorn our home for Israel's Independence Day (May 10). Our children are proud young Jewish-Israelis, free to celebrate the Jewish People's modern triumph of democratic state-building.

Yet, even as we celebrate, as Israeli adults entrusted with our children's futures, we are obliged to take a closer look at Israeli society and act boldly for the well-being of future generations.

Jewish Task Force To Aid Israeli Arabs

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American Jews must play a greater role in improving the lives of Israel's 1.2 million Arab citizens, members of a newly created task force of communal organizations that met in Manhattan last week agreed. The task force will work to raise awareness of the socio-economic disparities that confront the minority population and steer funding to organizations that address those differences.

Testing Israel’s Ideals

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Jerusalem — Manal Diab, a single, 26-year-old Arab woman who graduated in June from the Hebrew University, did not think twice before renting an apartment in Jewish West Jerusalem. “I didn’t think whether it was an Arab or Jewish [community], it was cheap and I teach very close to here,” she said. “It has a view of the Old City that I feel I belong to. Arabs were here before ’48.”

You Don’t Have To Be Jewish…

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In what is being hailed as a dramatic shift in approach at the Jewish Agency, the organization that some Israeli Arabs have viewed as out to steal their land has agreed to support the New York-based Abraham Fund Initiatives in its efforts to teach conversational Arabic and culture to elementary school children in northern Israel.

A Growing Schism

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Israeli Jews escaped the barrage of Katyusha rockets by huddling in bomb shelters often equipped with cable TV. Israeli Arabs just a few miles away had no shelters, no hospitals and often had difficulty getting food. Israeli Jews cheered on the Israel Defense Forces, hoping they would inflict a decisive blow against Hezbollah terrorists. Israeli Arabs prayed for the war to stop so that it would end the suffering among the civilians of Israel and Lebanon.
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