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Media Watch: Rachel’s Tomb Is Now A Mosque — Who Cares?

The Kotel is next, say the Palestinians.
11/22/2010 - 19:00
Associate Editor

Mother Rachel and Yitzchak Rabin are forever linked by adjacent yahrtzeits, hers on Heshvan 11, his on the 12th. They’re linked as well by one of Rabin’s final and finest moments in the Knesset. On Oct. 5, 1995, one day shy of a month before his assassination, Rabin asked the Knesset to ratify Oslo’s cornerstone “Israel-Palestinian Interim Agreement,” and what that meant for Rachel’s Tomb.

Rachel’s Tomb, here in a pre-1996 photo, before Israel built security walls that masked the once-idyllic setting.

Video Haggadahs

There are thousands of Passover Haggadahs that have been published throughout the world. And with the increasing popularity of the Internet, new forms of haggadot are being created each year.

This year's Passover, which concluded a few short days ago, saw the return of the Facebook Haggadah as well as some attempts at using Twitter to create a Passover Tweder.

Simple Gifts

05/01/2003 - 20:00
Associate Editor
It may well be the most exquisite moment on television this season, and the most simple. Alone on a bare stage, before a live audience, Rabbi Irwin Kula, shaggy haired and without a tie, sings the transcripts of telephone calls from the doomed of 9-11 using the bittersweet melody of Tisha bíAvís Lamentations. Looking at his papers as if they were a prayer, Rabbi Kula softly chants, ìHoney, something terrible is happening. I donít think Iím going to make it. I love you, take care of the children.î
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