Rising Anti-Semitism Challenges Sweden’s Proud And Tolerant Self-Image


When a militant extremist stormed into a kosher supermarket in Paris shortly after cartoonists were massacred at the Charlie Hebdo publication, Swedish media described it as a hostage situation at a food store.

This Week: "Jewish Journey: America" on PBS

Leaving and arriving – and crossing the sea -- is long part of the Jewish narrative. When the ancient Israelites left Egypt, the sea split and they crossed over.  Many Jewish immigrants to America had to endure crossings over rough seas, often crowded into the underbelly of the ship, in steerage.

Family Portrait: Jewish immigrants from Egypt in America at a 1928 wedding. Courtesy Andre Aciman

Israel Speeds Up Aliyah Procedures For Residents Of Eastern Ukraine


Kiev, Ukraine — Israel implemented special procedures to speed up the immigration process for people with Jewish origins from Ukraine’s conflict zones.

Is GOP Walking Into Immigration Trap?

Michelle Bachmann is one of those Republican firebrands who will keep Hispanics voting in the Democratic column for a long time.

End Of The Line In Gondar

As the Jewish community ends its program in Ethiopia, sadness and hope.

Special To The Jewish Week

On Aug. 28, the Jewish Agency for Israel will sponsor the final mass immigration flight of Ethiopians Jews to Israel. The operation will end a multi-decade initiative that has brought more than 100,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

An Ethiopian women gets clearance to immigrate to Israel. Robyn Spector

Immigration, Then And Now

Associate Editor

With Congress debating a new immigration bill, can the Jewish immigration of the 1930s be compared to the immigration crisis today? It is a juxtaposition posed on the website of the Museum of Jewish Heritage in conjunction with its new exhibit, “Against The Odds: American Jews & The Rescue of European Refugees 1933-41.”

Immigration Reform Is Moral And Religious Duty

Special To The Jewish Week

Our Jewish story is one of migration. Our Jewish American story is one of receiving safe refuge on this nation’s shores.  From our seminal Exodus saga to our waves of aliyah, we are a people who know the feeling of being expelled and freed, welcomed and rejected. Today in America, we Jews experience the freedom and prosperity most of our ancestors never knew. Our current fortune confronts us with a question: what are we going to do with the freedom we have been given? How will we to channel the prosperity we enjoy?

Rabbi Seth M. Limmer

Aciman and Krauss, Live From The NYPL

Any discussion on the topic of “the costs of assimilation” into American society is likely to draw a crowd, especially in New York, and especially in our current climate. But when the Live from the NYPL series announced that acclaimed authors André Aciman and Nicole Krauss would be speaking, the April 22 event sold out.

Wide Range Of Jewish Groups Urge Faster Path To Citizenship


An array of Jewish groups urged President Obama and Congress to ease the path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Nineteen national groups and dozens of local groups and clergy signed on to a letter sent last Friday that was timed for Passover.

Reacting To Arizona

In Supreme Court’s immigration ruling, Jewish groups see progress but have concerns.

Washington — Most Jewish groups who have weighed in on Arizona’s controversial immigration law saw progress in the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to repeal three of the law’s four parts, but had concerns that law enforcement officials would still be allowed to check the legal immigration status of people they detain.
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