Video Haggadahs

There are thousands of Passover Haggadahs that have been published throughout the world. And with the increasing popularity of the Internet, new forms of haggadot are being created each year.

This year's Passover, which concluded a few short days ago, saw the return of the Facebook Haggadah as well as some attempts at using Twitter to create a Passover Tweder.

Around the Cyber Seder

As we approach the Passover Seder, here are a few cool sites and videos to enhance the Passover experience: - Seder Sidekick 2010

Isaac and Seth Galena, the brothers behind the popular Jewish humor site have once again published a Seder Sidekick to help bring some levity to the Passover Seder. Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Harold Galena, the 38-page PDF document includes song parodies, top ten lists, silly jokes, quizzes, and funny pictures.

Is Facebook Chametz?

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Is Facebook kosher? If so, is it kosher for Passover? I'm not posing the question of whether it is acceptable to log on to Facebook on the first and last days of Passover, when observant Jews refrain from using computers or the Web.  Rather, is Facebook activity allowed at all during the Jewish Spring festival?

 Rabbi Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Feit

Simchas Torah, 1939

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As holiday rituals go, Sukkot has more than its fair share.


In addition to prayer for dew, the ushpizin and of course the blessing of the four species, I’ve added one of my own.

An Evolving Coexistence

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Philip Roth, in the 1950s, wrote a story about Ozzie, a Jewish kid who knew, just knew, that if God could make the heaven and the earth in six days, God could do anything. Ozzie would say, ìthe light especially, thatís what always gets me, that he could make the light. ... Making fish and animals, thatís pretty good ó but making light ... and He could pick the six days he wanted right out of nowhere.îThat sense of wonder is one of the gifts of Jewish childhood.

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