Calculating The Endgame

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As Israeli troops pushed deeper inside Lebanon at midweek in their battle against Hezbollah terrorists, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed that the fighting would continue until international combat troops moved into southern Lebanon, something some Israeli analysts doubt will occur. “I don’t think there is going to be an international force,” said Gerald Steinberg, a professor of political science at Bar-Ilan University. “There will be some sort of cease-fire declaration, but no international force.”

Northern Israelis Edgy, Fearing More Violence

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As the last of the Israeli troops in southern Lebanon hurriedly completed their withdrawal Tuesday night — just 48 hours after they began — Baruch Peretz and his four young daughters slept in their bomb shelter in Kiryat Shemona while their mother in Manhattan worried whether they were right to move to the northern Israeli town four months ago. “I have horrible thoughts,” said Tami Peretz. “Is it correct to raise kids there? Just 10 minutes away from Kiryat Shemona kids are not suffering.”

Air Wars, Land Withdrawals

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Northern Israel came under attack Wednesday from Hezbollah terrorists who fired several Katyusha rockets over the border from positions in southern Lebanon. It was an apparent attempt to avenge the deaths of a Lebanese soldier and civilian killed in three days of massive Israeli air attacks against Hezbollah positions and suspected armed Palestinian camps close to the Syrian border.

Civilian Killed In Attack

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Just three days after Palestinians elected a new leader who called for an end to attacks on Israelis, a bomb exploded near an Israeli military jeep patrolling an Israeli settlement in Gaza, killing a civilian constructing a security fence and injuring four soldiers in the jeep.Gideon Rivlin, 50, and the father of five, was killed while constructing the fence near the hothouses of the southern Gaza settlement of Morag. Two Palestinian terrorists reportedly from Islamic Jihad carried out the attack and were shot and killed in the firefight that followed.

As IDF Losses Mount, War Strategy Questioned

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The fierce fighting that occurred at midweek in the south Lebanese village of Bint Jbail, (in which a reported 14 Israeli soldiers were killed and more than a dozen wounded) has caused at least one prominent analyst to question Israel's handling of the war. "I think it will raise doubts in Israel about the whole rationale and logic about using only more force in this war," said Yoram Meital, chairman of the Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy at Ben-Gurion University.

War Now Raging On Two Fronts

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Drawn into what now appears to be a two-front war, Israel sent its forces into Lebanon on Wednesday in a major military offensive. The move came after Hezbollah terrorists launched a coordinated attack on communities and military positions in northern Israel and captured two soldiers, vowing to release them only in exchange for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the attack “an act of war” as he launched a large-scale military campaign into Lebanon.

Gutsy Pullout Or Humiliating Rout?

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Maybe Hezbollah and Hamas are right; violence is the way to go and Israelís retreat from Lebanon is the proof. Daoud Kuttab, in a Jordan Times op-ed (May 28), writes: ìAtallah, a Palestinian human rights activist called me worried this week. ëI am a pacifist nationalist,í he told me, ëbut I have a real problem with what one can call the Lebanon solution. How can we convince people that nonviolent resistance works, when we see that armed resistance produces results and negotiations fail?

Israelis Wary Of Hezbollah Buildup

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Israeli troops remained in southern Lebanon this week after their withdrawal was delayed by disagreements with United Nations commanders over how to handle armed Hezbollah terrorists and amid reports that Hezbollah was rearming and moving rockets closer to Israel's border.

‘Huge Risk’ In New Israeli Push

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After one-month of fighting an inconclusive war against Hezbollah terrorists, Israel’s security cabinet voted Wednesday to launch a broad air, land and sea offensive with the goal of pushing the terrorists beyond the Litani River some 20 miles north of Lebanon’s southern border and to win the “decisive victory” Israeli officials promised at the outset.

Hezbollah Exchange

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Tel Aviv: An expected Israeli prisoner exchange with Hezbollah, a Shiite terrorist group that sits along Lebanon's southern border with Israel, is raising eyebrows in the Middle East because the swap reportedly includes Israel's release of some Palestinian terrorists.
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