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Baz Takes The Fifth

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Brooklyn Bridge gunman Rashid Baz refused to testify in a civil trial against two Tennessee gun dealers, leaving unanswered questions about where and how he obtained a weapon used in a deadly 1994 attack on a van full of chasidic students. Baz, serving a 141-year sentence for the murder of student Ari Halberstam and the wounding of three others, appeared in Brooklyn Federal Court last Friday. He was subpoenaed by defense attorneys in the civil suit, which charges that the defendants are liable for the attack because they market parts that form a gun favored by criminals.

Playing The Mideast Card At Gun Trial

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An attorney for two Tennessee gun makers on trial for liability in the 1994 Brooklyn Bridge shootings began his defense last week by trying to link the chasidic victims of the crime to Hebron murderer Baruch Goldstein. At the opening of a $39 million federal lawsuit Friday against Wayne and Sylvia Daniel, who manufactured the parts for a gun used in the shootings, the defense questioned survivors of the attack about Goldstein, whom he referred to repeatedly as “Rabbi Goldstein.”

High Court Paves Way

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Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear the appeal of Lemrick Nelson Jr. in the Crown Heights murder case, the family of riot victim Yankel Rosenbaum fears that federal prosecutors will renew talks for a plea deal in the racially explosive case.

A Five-Borough Tour Against Hate

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For Inderjit Singh, it was the time a little girl walked up to him on the street shortly after 9/11 and asked if he was going to bomb someone that day. For Vincent, it was the time he was fired for being openly gay, as well as the day someone yelled “faggot” at him from a passing car. Across the city on Thursday, people came together to discuss their experiences with ignorance and prejudice in a series of events in each borough dubbed “A Day Out Against Hate.”

Columbia Prof Defiant After Swastika

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Over the 17 years she has been teaching at Columbia University’s Teachers College, Elizabeth Midlarsky had often considered hanging a mezuzah on the doorpost of her office. One problem she faced was how to nail it into the metal doorframe.

Orthodox Teen In Lakewood Bias Attack

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The savage beating of a 14-year-old Orthodox teenager by a half-dozen men and youths in Lakewood, N.J., Saturday evening is being investigated as a bias crime because his attackers shouted “f---ing Jew” as they punched and kicked him in the head, according to police. “He was beaten pretty good,” said Det. Lt. Joseph Isnardi, commander of the Detective Bureau.

A Tense Calm In Lakewood

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There were fears that the already polarized community of Lakewood, N.J. — where an Orthodox influx has roiled tensions with African Americans — would boil over in the wake of a savage beating of an Orthodox rabbi by a black man. But an organization formed a year ago of representatives of the major ethnic groups in Lakewood is credited with defusing tensions there following the baseball bat beating there last week of Rabbi Mordechai Moskowitz.

Fueling Hate

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Gene Lesserson rushed to his synagogue in Hauppauge, L.I., at 7:30 Sunday morning after learning that an arsonist had torched the building during the night, destroying a ground floor office. “It’s a sickening feeling to see our little shul damaged by an arson fire,” he said later. “I walked in there and had the feeling that my own house was destroyed. You could still smell the smoke from even outside the building. It was everywhere — in the carpets and the talleisim. … Everything is going to have to be cleaned.”

Call For Unity In Hate Fight

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The deaths of 15 people — including 13 non-Jews — in an apparent terrorist attack last week at a Tunisian synagogue underscores the need for non-Jews to join Jews in fighting a wave of anti-Semitic violence, according to Israel’s deputy foreign minister. “We have to act with all our strength, Jews and non-Jews alike, because anti-Semitism always undermines the fundamentals of society,” Rabbi Michael Melchior said.

Anti-Jewish Violence Rages On

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More firebombings rocked Jewish institutions in France, Belgium and Canada in the past week, including three more synagogue attacks, even as an estimated 200,000 Jews in France — half the country’s adult Jewish population — marched Sunday to protest anti-Semitism and in support of Israel.
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