'Ceasefire Or Not, All Tunnels Will Be Destroyed'

Netanyahu affirms determination to complete the mission Israel began.


Jerusalem — Israel will destroy all of the tunnels that lead from Gaza to southern Israel, with or without a cease-fire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu determined to eliminate all terror tunnels. Getty Images.

Give War A Chance

Amid media frenzy and global outrage, Israel just needs more time. Will the world let Israel win?


U.S. and Israeli officials have been working hard in recent days to ease the deeply bruised feelings on both sides after Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposed cease-fire conditions appeared more sympathetic to the cause of Hamas, a declared terrorist organization, than to Israel, America’s greatest ally.


'We'll Fight Until Tunnels Destroyed'

In a televised speech Monday night, Netanyahu said to prepare for a 'continued operation.'


Jerusalem — Israel will not end its operation in Gaza before destroying all the Hamas-built tunnels, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an address to the nation.

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed international community on Monday night. Wikipedia Commons.

Hamas Requests Additional 24-hour Cease-Fire

Request comes after Israel called off its own cease-fire, citing continued rocket fire from Gaza.


Jerusalem — Hamas asked for an additional 24-hour humanitarian cease-fire, after Israel called off its own 24-hour unilateral cease-fire due to continued rockets fired from Gaza.

Smoke rising from the Gaza Strip. Getty Images

NBC=Not Bothering Checking

Towards the end of a report on the Nightly News Monday evening NBC Anchor Brian Williams read a statement from Hamas accusing Israel of "murdering" hundreds of civilians and denying that his group had ever targeted Israeli civilians.

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan did not appear on camera, as he has on other networks, but Williams read his statement:

Media Analysis: Israel Optics Darken

Web Director

For a while there, it looked as if much of the world had accepted, or was at least considering, Israel’s argument for attacking and then invading Gaza this time – the third in six years.

Even Paranoids Have Enemies

Jewish Week Online Columnist

The current hostilities between Israel and Hamas have, yet again, brought to the forefront a long-simmering feud between many supporters of Israel and the world of print, broadcast and electronic journalism.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik

‘It’s Something You Don’t Get Used To’

In Ashdod, the rockets keep coming and the frustration keeps building.

Israel Correspondent

Ashdod, Israeli — With 45 seconds to run for cover before the impact of a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip, Yuri and Ana Friedman had spent the last week sleeping in their clothes for fear of an overnight attack as Israel and Hamas fought their third war in five years — putting this port city just 20 miles from Gaza in the line of fire again.

Ashdod resident Yuri Friedman sits in his shattered living room. Joshua Mitnick/JW

Conflict With Hamas Unleashes Hatred Of Israel

Homeland Security officials brief Jewish leaders; French synagogues targeted; scuffles in L.A., Boston.

Staff Writer

In Antwerp, Belgium, last Saturday, approximately 500 people attended a protest against Israel’s retaliatory assault on Hamas, chanting in Arabic, “Slaughter the Jews.”

Smoke billows from the Gaza Strip Tuesday after an Israeli air strike. Getty Images
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