Cease-Fire Ends

Israel responds to rocket fire as Cairo delegation returns home.


Israel renewed its attacks on Hamas targets in Gaza after 21 rockets were launched at Israeli cities at the close of a 72-hour cease-fire.

Smoke billows following an Israeli air strike in Rafah on August 08. Getty Images

Gaza's Unanswered Questions

As Israeli, Palestinian and Egyptian negotiators in Cairo try to come up with a long-term truce, all know that they are just buying time until the next Gaza war.

This latest round left a very high body count and a lot of unanswered questions. 

Hamas: Will Resume Fire If Demands Not Met

Indirect negotiations continue in Cairo, but no agreement reached on truce extension.


Jerusalem – Hamas said it will resume firing rockets on Israel at the end of a 72-hour cease-fire if its demands are not met.
Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouk, currently in Cairo for cease-fire talks on a permanent truce, and Hamas head Ismail Haniyeh said Wednesday night that “there is no agreement on the extension of the truce.”

Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri (R) meets with Mideast Quartet envoy Tony Blair (L) in Cairo. Getty Images

Israel Asks U.S. To Help Thwart War Crimes Charges

Staff Writer

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked a visiting congressional delegation today to try to stop the Palestinian Authority from joining the International Criminal Court and then filing war crimes charges against Israel.

Hamas Is The Enemy, But What Have We Become?

Hamas is a cruel and cynical enemy, but as an IDF veteran, I ask if Israel has lost respect for human life.

Special To The Jewish Week

It has been almost four weeks since the military operation “Protective Edge” commenced in Gaza, and the region yearns for quiet. Three civilians were killed at the hands of Hamas Militants and the rockets they fire at Israeli population centers, in the time these sentences were written.

Yehuda Shaul

Behind Hamas' Tunnel Network

Jewish Week video blogger Aaron Herman looks at how Hamas created its vast tunnel network, how soldiers are combining religion and war and Joan Rivers' forceful defense of Operation Protective Edge.

Hamas Shows Off Its Rocketeers

Hamas has put out a video showing its ability to fire rockets from hidden underground launch pads to shooting on the run from the back of battered pick-up trucks or hidden among trees.  What they’re not boasting about in this video is firing from inside homes, hospitals, schools and other seemingly benign civilian buildings.

Ceasefire Ruptured, Israeli Soldier Captured

Fire-fight in Rafah and capture took place 1.5 hours after supposed 72-hour ceasefire began.


An Israeli soldier is feared captured near Rafah, Israeli media reported, and a cease-fire collapsed in its first hours.

Just 1.5 hours after ceasefire declared, Hamas militant opened fire on IDF Troops. Getty Images

Israel, Hamas Agree to 72-Hour Ceasefire

Israeli forces remain in place and unwilling to compromise on tunnels.


Washington — Israel and Hamas agreed to a 72-hour unconditional cease-fire.

72-hour ceasefire declared in Gaza. Getty Images

Does Hamas Manipulate Casualty Figures To Gain World Sympathy?

The Media Line

The latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas extends far beyond the urban warfare playing out in the cities and towns of the Gaza Strip; the Israeli cities targeted by waves of Palestinian rockets; and the seek-and-destroy mission of locating and eradicating the elaborate and intricate network of tunnels revealed to extend deep into Israeli territory and beneath southern Israeli communities.

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