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After 'Trainwreck' Shooting, Cousins Amy & Charles Schumer Join Forces For Gun Control

At a news conference in Manhattan on Monday, they launched the campaign dubbed “Schumer and Schumer, Enough is Enough.”


U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer of New York joined with his cousin, comedian Amy Schumer, to launch a campaign for gun control.

Cousins, Sen. Chuck Schumer and actress Amy Schumer launched a gun control campaign in NYC on Monday. Getty Images

Obama Cites Israel In Arguing For Gun Control


Washington — President Barack Obama compared Israel favorably to the United States in making a point about gun violence.

I'm For It Except When I'm Against It

Remember when conservatives were strong supporters of state's rights?  They still are, except when they aren't.  On the issue of abortion, they want to take jurisdiction away from the federal government and give it to the states, where bans are easier to enact.  Guns are another matter.

They want to take gun control authority away from the state and local governments, especially when it comes to carrying concealed weapons.  That's the latest cause of the NRA and the gun lobby.

Sandy Hook Shootings Spur Seattle JCC Victim To Speak Up For Gun Control


Vancouver, Canada (JTA) — Cheryl Stumbo, a victim in the 2006 Seattle Jewish federation shootings, has begun advocating for stricter gun control following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Conn.

After years of mass shootings, Stumbo decided to use her personal experience to fight the American gun lobby by telling her story, she told the Seattle Times in an interview published on Sunday. She said she believes the more visible gun violence victims are, the quicker public opinion will shift.

Broad Jewish Support For Obama’s Gun Proposals


 President Barack Obama’s new gun control proposals drew broad Jewish communal support.

Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath To Be Observed At 150 Shuls And Churches


As President Barack Obama seeks support for his sweeping gun control reforms, and states enact their own legislation -- including the nation's toughest in New York -- a faith-based coalition is promoting a national  Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath.

President Obama signs letters from children after unveiling new gun control proposals on Jan. 16. (White House Photo)

Jewish Gun Enthusiasts On Guard

After Newtown, some firearm owners ready to consider control measures.

The day Eric Schaefer learned that a .233 caliber semiautomatic Bushmaster rifle — a type of weapon he owned — was used to kill 26 people in Newtown, Conn., he sold his rifle to local law enforcement near his home in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Schaefer, a 40-year-old commercial real estate agent, says he has been hit by an unshakable feeling of shame, and he no longer wants his two children exposed to the many weapons he owns for sporting purposes — guns he keeps locked up and away from the house.

Gun control supporters protesting last month outside the National Rifle Association office on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Newtown Rabbi: Gun Control, Anti-Bullying Policies Are Vital


Hours after Adam Lanza executed 20 first graders and 6 adults in Sandy Hook elementary school, five minutes from my synagogue, Congregation Adath Israel of Newtown, I spoke with my good friend and colleague, Monsignor Robert Weiss, about the “culture of violence” in the United States.

Rabbi Shaul Praver
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