Prelude To A Showdown

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Both the police and demonstrators declared victory this week following Monday's anti-disengagement sit-in demonstrations, termed a dry run for later this summer, that blocked 40 intersections in several cities and resulted in more than 300 arrests.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Fatah Gunmen Find Refuge In Israel

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Ashkelon, Israel— Fatah fighters newly exiled from Gaza this week lay wounded in the orthopedic ward of Ashkelon’s Barzilai Hospital under the guard of M-16-toting Israeli soldiers, who consider them terrorists. Despite that, these fighters consider the gunmen of Hamas a greater threat. “In spite of the animosity between us, the Jews are more sympathetic and more humane toward us than Hamas,” explained Atef Hilles, 31.

Hot Welcome For Clinton In Gaza

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In U.S.:Washington — Will the Middle East firmament tremble when President Bill Clinton’s helicopter sets down next week at the Gaza International Airport? Will a troubling new era in U.S.-Palestinian relations begin with Clinton’s precedent-shattering address to 1,500 Palestinian officials, including many former terrorists, assembled to “confirm” an earlier decision striking out offensive portions of the PLO charter?

Widening Divide On Peace?

After Sharon visits the Temple Mount, violence erupts in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel and divisions between American Jews widen.

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The eruption of violence in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel that began with last week’s Temple Mount tour by Likud leader Ariel Sharon could widen bitter divisions over the Middle East peace process among American Jews.
Surrounded by security personnel, Sharon leaves the Temple Mount after what became a pivotal visit. Getty Images

Gaza Tunnels Key In Gauging Success

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Israel’s 22-day military offensive against Hamas not only stopped the persistent rocket fire on Israeli towns but may also succeed in preventing Hamas from rearming, according to several Israeli officials and analysts. But there are those who are less optimistic, and the campaign has been criticized by some as excessive in the human toll it took and by others for not going far enough to dismantle Hamas.

Setting The Record Straight

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As Lt. Matan Benarush prepared for last December’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip, he called his mother in Ashdod, some 20  miles away. “I heard [air raid] sirens going off there,” said the 22-year-old Israeli platoon commander. The sirens had sounded to warn of another rocket attack from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
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