Fake Israeli PR Twitter Feed

Time Magazine released its list of the top ten satirical Twitter feeds. By "satirical," Time is referring to an intentionally faux feeds that seeks to poke fun at its subject. Topping the list is British Petroleum's fake public relations feed, which notably has five times as many followers as BP's official, verified Twitter account. [I'm sure it will only gain in popularity with this publicity.]

IsraelGlobalPR is a satirical Twitter feed critical of Israel

Tweeting the Flotilla Attack

Peter Beinart's essay "The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment" in The New York Review of Books argues that most of the mainstream American Jewish organizations have abandoned liberalism on the issues of the Middle East and are responsible for a generation of young Jews who hold no connection to Israel.

Palestinian members of Hamas naval police prepare for arrival of flotilla

Protesting On Two Fronts

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Some 125 American visitors were sitting down to lunch in the Gaza settlement of Neve Dekalim Sunday when they heard the sounds of explosions. They later learned that a rocket attack had killed three workers at a nearby greenhouse in Ganei Tal. Five others, all non-Israelis, were wounded. Another attack, almost simultaneously, damaged a home in nearby Sderot, just outside Gaza, causing no injuries.

Evangelicals Joining Gaza Pullout Protest

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In an effort to reach beyond the Jewish community to gain traction in the fight against Israel's Gaza disengagement, a major pullout opponent has signed up a group of Bible Belt Baptist ministers who see the plan as an affront to God's will to join some 100 American Jews on a sojourn to Israel next week. The ministers hope to spend three days with the soon-to-be-vacated Jewish settlers in Gaza on a mission organized by Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind to depart on June 5.

More Groups Signing On To Pro-Disengagement Ad

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Some 25 Jewish organizations have agreed to sign an open letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in support of his Gaza disengagement plan that will be published in Sunday's New York Times, according to Seymour Reich, who organized the coalition. The ad, which will coincide with Sharon's visit to the United States, calls the Gaza plan "courageous" and "possibly the most difficult of your political career," while recognizing the pain of those who will be removed from their homes.

Knocking On The Roof: A Briefing From The IDF On Gaza And Civilians

Imagine getting a phone call from an advancing army warning you to get out of the area.

Or getting a “knock on the roof,” in the form of a dummy bomb dropped from a military plane, warning you that the terrorist hiding in your building has been targeted, and the next bomb will be real.

PA Reportedly Stopping Rocket Attacks

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Jerusalem (JTA): Palestinian security forces are taking steps to prevent rocket attacks into Israel, according to Israeli intelligence sources. Palestinian security forces arrested members of a cell in the Gaza Strip that was firing rockets at Israeli targets, and have disrupted the activities of other cells, according to the Israeli daily Haaretz. According to the paper, the moves stem from concern that Israeli retaliatory raids would destroy what remains of the Palestinian Authority's security apparatus in Gaza.

State Of The Protest

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Most American Jews may support Ehud Olmert’s troubled West Bank realignment plan, or at least bear their misgivings quietly. Jonathan Silverman isn’t one of them. The 23-year-old Brooklyn resident stood with the Jews of Amona last spring when they were forcibly evicted from the illegal West Bank settlement and plans more trips to the area to oppose any further removal of settlers.

CNN Producer Freed After Kidnapping

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Jerusalem (JTA) — A CNN producer who was kidnapped in the Gaza Strip was freed a day after he was seized in Gaza City by four armed men who approached the car in which he was traveling. Palestinian Authority officials, perhaps concerned that the kidnapping could be seen as an indication of their inability to keep Gaza secure if Israel carries through on its planned withdrawal next year, are believed to have been involved in negotiating the release of Riad Ali, an Israeli Druse.

Some Gazans Talk Tough, Some Talk Money

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Jewish residents of the Gaza Strip seem to be splitting into factions in the face of the near-certain evacuation of settlements there, as evidenced by events this week in New York and Jerusalem. While the mayor of the Gush Katif settlement bloc, joined by a prominent Likud member of Knesset, was making his case for political and financial support here and vowing to fight, a group of settler leaders was meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to discuss relocating their communities and negotiate compensation for the move.
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