Fueling Fires Of Hatred

If Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas mean it when they say they don’t want to see a Third Intifada, why does it look like that is exactly where they are headed? 

Each leader repeatedly accuses the other of incitement, often with good cause.  Their protestations of purity and innocence as the injured party would be a joke if so many people weren’t being killed and injured on both sides.

Fatah-Hamas Marriage On The Rocks

The dysfunctional marriage of Fatah and Hamas is in danger of exploding, literally.

A series of coordinated bomb attacks Friday on the homes and cars of at least 10 Fatah officials in Hamas controlled Gaza sparked new tensions between the rival factions.

Sister Of Senior Hamas Official Reportedly Being Treated In Israeli Hospital


Jerusalem — The sister of senior Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk reportedly is being treated in an Israeli hospital.

The Hard Truth


Not easy to hear the truth, but essential (“Dershowitz: Carter, Tutu Have Gaza ‘Blood On Their Hands,’” Oct. 3).

Dershowitz, besides being brilliant, possesses real moral clarity. Wish the apologist Jews among us would finally listen.

Slamming The Door To Peace

In a pair of dueling speeches at the United Nations, Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the door shut on future peace talks between two leaders who neither trust nor like each other. 

A Year Of Challenges, And Hope


Dear Friends,

Every year at this time it is our privilege to report to you on the state of The Jewish Week.

At Rosh HaShanah it is appropriate to take stock of where we have been and to look forward, with renewed commitment to journalistic excellence, to the coming year.

Storm Clouds On The ‘Al Qaeda Border’

Pivoting from Gaza to Syria, where al Nusra Front is wreaking havoc.

Contributing Editor

As calm has returned after seven weeks of fighting in Gaza, thousands of people from southern Israel have said goodbye to families in the north of the country who gave them a temporary home during the violence. Many left their hosts with a very real offer — to return the favor.

There is an ongoing exodus of UN peacekeepers along the Israeli-Syrian border. Getty Images

Hamas Leaders Crawl Out Of Their Holes

In case you didn’t notice, the Hamas spokesman announced acceptance of the ceasefire at a news conference in the Al Shifa Hospital.  Why is that important?  Because many journalists covering the war in Gaza as well as the Israeli Defense Forces believe the Hamas leadership hid out during the fighting in bunkers beneath the hospital.  In other words, the doctors, staff, patients and visitors were their unwitting human shields.

US, EU Push For UN Cease-Fire Resolution

Rockets and air strikes continue; Hamas executes alleged collaborators.


Tel Aviv — Exchanges of Hamas rockets and Israeli airstrikes continued as the United States and European Union pushed for a United Nations Security Council resolution to end the fighting.

Armed Palestinian masked militants attempt to control the crowd before the execution of alleged collaborators. Getty Images

IDF Strikes Kill Three Hamas Commanders


Tel Aviv — Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip killed three senior Hamas commanders.

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