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Prime Minister Netanyahu's trip to Washington this week was a big success for him personally as members of Congress on both sides of the aisle gave him an enthusiastic reception, and he went home with good footage for his campaign commercials. 

He didn't produce any of the new information about Iran and its nuclear ambitions he had promised, and he didn't appear to have changed any minds, but the appearance gave him a slight boost in the polls back home, though not enough to take the lead. It remains to be seen whether that is temporary or a trend.

French Chief Rabbi Walking A Fine Line

Korsia ‘under conflicting pressures’ in wake of terror attacks, say expats here.

Editor and Publisher

Chaim Korsia, thrust into the international spotlight as the chief rabbi of France in the past year, was the center of attention as scholar-in-residence at Park East Synagogue here last weekend.

Gary Rosenblatt

French Chief Rabbi Rejects Netanyahu’s Call for Emigration


France’s chief rabbi, Haim Korsia, rejected Israeli Prime Minister’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent call for European Jews to move to Israel.

At a news conference Thursday in New York following a speech at Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue, Korsia said there had been a Jewish presence in France for 2,000 years and, echoing recent comments by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, said that “France will no longer be France” if there were a mass Jewish exodus.

French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia, left, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio a Park East Synagogue. Getty Images

Hollande Tells French Jews ‘France Is Your Country’


 French President Francois Hollande told French Jews “your place is here,” responding to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for French Jews to emigrate to Israel in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Betting On France

Special To The Jewish Week

Three weeks ago, my wife and I were shopping in a Parisian kosher butcher store several miles west of the supermarket where four Jews were murdered on Jan. 9. The shop in our neighborhood was well patronized, with lines stretching out to the sidewalk before Shabbat.

Richard H. Weisberg

Bibi’s Paris Trip Continues To Reverberate

The prime minister should have remembered the lessons of the shiva call.

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Imagine that Bibi Netanyahu had stayed away from the Paris march, as much of the world seems to have wished?

The story of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s participation in the recent solidarity march in Paris refuses to die.

Man Smashes Window, Makes Threat At Jewish Bookstore In France


An unidentified man smashed a window at a Jewish bookstore near Lyon and shouted an anti-Semitic threat.

A Delicate Dance Over French Aliyah

Israeli leaders’ comments spark debate.

Israel Correspondent

Tel Aviv — None were Israeli citizens, but they were all laid to rest in Jerusalem on Tuesday afternoon.

Friends and relatives seen mourning Tuesday at the funeral ceremony in Jerusalem for the four Jewish victims in Paris. Flash90

When The Terror Hits Home

Niece of kosher supermarket victim reflects on the City of Light, hit by darkness.

Special To The Jewish Week

Last Saturday night, a day after the terror attacks in Paris, my father called to say that my uncle, Philippe Braham, was killed as he was checking out at the Hyper Cache kosher supermarket, just before Shabbos. He was murdered in a neighborhood I know well, Porte de Vincennes, a few minutes away from my high school, and a mere 10-minute ride from my childhood home. He was one of mine, a relative, but together with all the other victims of the horrific crimes last week, he was also one of ours.

Philippe, who was 45 when he was killed last Friday, was anyone who has ever run into a grocery store with plans to run back out in a few minutes, just as the cartoonists killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack were anyone who has ever exercised their right to speak their mind. We fought for these rights in Europe and in the United States, first for some, then for all, regardless of opinion, religion, race or gender.

History books say that we won the battle. Yet, while the Jewish community in France was shocked and shaken by the events on Friday, we were also aware of a lengthy history of targeted violence.

I remember when everyday life in France began to change.

Mouchka Heller and her uncle, Philippe Braham, who was killed at a kosher market on Jan. 6. Courtesy of Mouchka Heller/Getty

Supermarket Victim Recently Returned From Birthright

Yoav Hattab, 21, along with the three others killed, will be buried in Israel.


Yoav Hattab, one of the victims of last week’s Paris kosher supermarket shooting, recently returned from a Birthright Israel trip.

Yoav Hattab, one of the victims of the shooting at a Paris kosher supermarket, shown on a recent Birthright trip to Israel.
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