Explosives Lab Used To Bomb Kosher Store Found

French police found lab of "jihadist cell" after interrogating 12 suspects


French police found an explosives lab that they say was used by a "jihadist cell" in the bombing of a kosher store near Paris.

Francois Molins of the Paris prosecutor’s office said at a news conference Wednesday that the firearms and “all the elements necessary to produce explosive devices” were discovered the previous day at a parking lot in the eastern Paris suburb of Torcy.

French police found the cache after interrogating 12 suspects arrested over the weekend in various French cities, predominantly in Cannes and Paris, he added.

ADL Poll: Anti-Semitic Attitudes Down In France, Belgium And Germany


Anti-Semitic attitudes fell in two countries where Jews were attacked over the last year while rising significantly in Italy, Romania and the Netherlands, a new Anti-Defamation League poll found.

A man wears a kippa as he takes part in a silent march to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Kristallnacht pogroms. JTA

French National Assembly Approves $60 Million Holocaust Reparations Fund


The French National Assembly voted to approve the creation of a $60 million fund to compensate Holocaust victims transported to Nazi camps by the state railroad SNCF.

The fund, to be administered by the United States, would compensate foreign nationals and also protect France against lawsuits filed in the United States.

The lower house of the French Parliament approved the fund on Wednesday. The French conservative opposition abstained from the vote, according to Reuters.

French Jews Still In ‘Wait-And-See Mode’

Six months after attack on kosher market, ex-pats here say little has changed back home.

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Most of the Parisian Jews who had considered making aliyah before a fatal terrorist attack on the city’s Hyper Cacher supermarket six months ago still think about moving to Israel, but few have taken the step, said a Manhattan expatriate who returned earlier this month from a visit to relatives in France.

Upper West Sider Stella Amar-Cohen says people there “are not talking about leaving right away.”

As France Suggests U.N. Peace Plan, Israel Unequivocally Objects


Tel Aviv — For months, France has considered taking a more active role in advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, meeting French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Israel, June 21, 2015. JTA

Mideast Peace: Search and Rescue

The coalition guidelines Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented to Knesset on Wednesday revealed more by what they did not say that what they told about where he wants to lead his newly minted right wing government diplomatically.

The guidelines offered only vague language about peace and made no mention of the two-state approach or any new diplomatic vision or peace initiatives for the Netanyahu's fourth term.

Instead it offered what the Jerusalem Post defined as "a rather anemic clause" declaring:

French Muslim Girl's Skirt Judged Too Long

Modest women of all religions must tread a fine hemline.

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Impossible to skirt the issue — enforcing a religious code of dress at school can be tricky and controversial.

Haredi women, sisters in tsniut, or modesty, to the Muslim girl forced to change her clothes. Getty Images

500 Russian Jews To Shop At Paris Market Where Jews Were Killed


Moscow — A Russian chief rabbi is slated to lead a delegation of 500 young Jews to the Hyper Cacher supermarket near Paris where four Jewish shoppers were murdered.

Interfaith ‘Day Of Peace’ In France

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Relations between Jews and Muslims in France, according to recent headlines, are tense, with Jews fearing for their lives.

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Keeping Score

Prime Minister Netanyahu's trip to Washington this week was a big success for him personally as members of Congress on both sides of the aisle gave him an enthusiastic reception, and he went home with good footage for his campaign commercials. 

He didn't produce any of the new information about Iran and its nuclear ambitions he had promised, and he didn't appear to have changed any minds, but the appearance gave him a slight boost in the polls back home, though not enough to take the lead. It remains to be seen whether that is temporary or a trend.

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