Amy Schumer, New Joan Rivers?

The Jewish comedy queen busting the patriarchy, one sketch at a time.

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Amy Schumer is hot right now.

Comedy Queen Amy Schumer. Getty Images.

A Shout-out To Betty Friedan

Special To The Jewish Week

Editor’s Note: Gabriella Kamran is the first recipient of The Norman E. Alexander Award for Excellence in Jewish Student Writing. The national contest, sponsored by the Jewish-American Hall of Fame and The Jewish Week Media Group, seeks essays by teens on Jewish Americans who have made significant contributions to humanitarian causes, social justice, medicine or science. It honors Norman Alexander, a prominent businessman and philanthropist who was a founder of The Jewish Week.

Gabriella Kamran, right with Milken Community School teacher Melody Mansfield and Jewish-American Hall of Fame founder Mel Wacks

Revitalization, Reflection As Feminist Seder Returns

After eight-year hiatus, Jewish leaders reflect on Miriam’s Cup’s winding path.

Special To The Jewish Week

It is just minutes before the 2 p.m. start time of the Ma’yan feminist seder, and an electric current buzzes through the still-long entry line to the Museum of Jewish Heritage. After an eight-year hiatus, Ma’yan, a group that teaches feminist leadership skills and advocates social justice for women and all people, is once again hosting a pre-Passover gathering, this time marking the event’s 20th anniversary.

Four generations of women celebrated four decades of feminist seders at the Museum of Jewish Heritage this week. Beth Shepherd

Reissued: A Jewish, Gay Voice Of Weimar Germany And Beyond

Charlotte Wolff died in 1986 and today is little known beyond an esoteric reading public. Plunkett Lake Press has just released an electronic edition of her autobiography, “Hindsight,” first published in 1980.

Image courtesy Plunkett Lake Press

OKCupid? Disability And Online Dating

Like many other people who have an online dating profile, I’ve tended to open the inbox of my OKCupid account with some trepidation when I notice a new message. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “It’s only a matter of time…”

Leah Jane Grantham

A Rabbinically Sanctioned Solution To the Agunah Problem


A few months ago my friend Phyllis H. Waldmann called to say that when going through the papers of her deceased mother, she came across an envelope postmarked October 20, 1936.  Upon carefully opening it, she found a document written in German with the word Halitzah at the top. Although not knowing what the document was, she detected certain similarities to her parents’ ketubah, which she had restored in 1985 on the occasion of their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Feminist Jewish Talmud scholar Judith Hauptman posits a possible solution to the agunah crisis.

The Reluctant Feminist

Hanna Rosin and how the post-industrial economy favors women — for better or worse.

Special To The Jewish Week

The opening scene in Hanna Rosin’s 2010 Atlantic essay, “The End of Men,” may one day be as iconic as the beginning of Betty Friedan’s 1963 seminal work, “The Feminine Mystique.” Friedan’s book famously opened with a scene of a typical mid-century housewife.

Hanna Rosin: Shaped by a sense of “outsiderness?”  Nina Subin

Oh My G-d, You Guys!

What is there left to say about Mindy Meyer?

 In case you somehow haven't heard, Flatbush resident Ms. Meyer is running as the Republican candidate for the State Senate against incumbent Kevin Parker. She is young (22) and an Orthodox Jew, but that's not why she's made the national news. 

Ms. Mindy Meyer

An Odd Absence Of Women

I know I’m supposed to focus on intermarriage here, but sometimes I just need to vent on another topic.

And today that topic is, why are so many speakers’ panels at Jewish conferences composed almost entirely of men? I’m not talking about the fervently Orthodox Agudath Israel of America, although I did go to one of its dinners many years ago and there was not one woman on the dais. Which was striking, but not surprising. (If I remember correctly, the table assignments for the meal were also gender-segregated.)

Elisabeth Badinter: The Celebrity French Intellectual Every Jew (And Feminist) Should Know

If you don't know who Bernard Henri-Levy is, don't worry.  There's a new celebrity French intellectual you should know: Elisabeth Badinter.  She's an older feminist who recently became a celebrity in France with her trenchant new book attacking other feminists' views.  And like BHL, she's Jewish.

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