“Have We Met Yet?” The Power of Casual Conversation for Organizational Engagement


Although I didn’t meet my friend Amy until we were both adults, it feels like we’ve known each other forever. In fact, we have a surprising amount in common. 

Deborah Grayson Riegel

Surprising Element Of Opening GA Plenary Didn’t Come From Biden

New Orleans -- Vice President Joe Biden was the ideal Administration representative to address the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America at its opening plenary here on Sunday, and he handled the role with enthusiasm.

The speaker who followed him didn’t fit the Federation-cheerleader mold, offering a careful blend of support and critique in his presentation.

A New York Minute: Daniel Sokatch: Back on the Outside

Leaves S.F. federation to take over New Israel Fund

Washington Correspondent

In 2008 the Jewish Federation of San Francisco stunned the Jewish world with the selection of Daniel Sokatch, the founding director of the Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA), as CEO. Last week Sokatch announced he is leaving the federation to take the top job at the liberal New Israel Fund. Sokatch spoke to The Jewish Week about the Jewish establishment, Israel and connecting to new generations of Jewish activists.

Q: When you left the PJA, you said one of your goals was to move the federation toward a new mode of progressive activism. Did you succeed?

Can Federations Seize The Moment?

Editor and Publisher
This is the moment, in the midst of philanthropic crisis, for Jewish federations to reclaim their status as the primary and central address of the American Jewish community.
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