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The Challenge of Day School Affordability: Keeping our Eyes on the Prize


In religious Jewish communities, the affordability of day schools is one of the most discussed social challenges. Supporting vibrant, successful, viable Jewish day schools is no less than supporting the Jewish future – our children are our future, and the values we demonstrate and pass on will determine what they will do with the torch when they are its bearers.

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz.

Will ‘Startup Nation’ Fuel Jewish Ed-tech?

Online resources, many Israel-based, are slowly emerging for day schools — impact on teachers is the ‘No. 1’ question.

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When Smadar Goldstein made aliyah 14 years ago, she didn’t anticipate long hours in front of a computer, a headset with earphones and microphone her constant fashion accessory.

“I wanted to teach Tanach,” she said, using the Hebrew word for the Bible. “But here, every Noach and Rachel is a Tanach teacher.”

Smadar Goldstein teaches online from her home in Jerusalem. MICHAEL DATIKASH

Is Peter Beinart The New Steven M. Cohen?

Forgot those 50 rabbis Newsweek has been fussing over.

Journalist/author Peter Beinart may well be the most famous American Jew these days, at least among the New York Times-New York Review of Books-New Yorker-reading intelligentsia.

Hebrew Charter School As Growth Industry

Former Florida Rep. Peter Deutsch’s burgeoning network of schools is toeing the church-state line, and could greatly affect American Jewish life.

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Boynton Beach, Fla. — As you turn off the main road and a large Torah scroll-shaped sign on your right welcomes you to the “Temple Torah Campus of Jewish Learning,” you could be forgiven for assuming the K-6 school you are about to visit is a Jewish day school.

Ben Gamla Boynton.

UJA-Fed. To Aid Day Schools

Endowment-building initiative for seven area schools, plus fundraising campaign.

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So common are endowments in the private school world that the National Association of Independent Schools, an accrediting organization, uses these funds, whose principle cannot be touched but which generate annual investment income, as a key benchmark for measuring a school’s stability and viability.

Day School classrooms like this one, will get help from UJA-Federation.

Day Schools Saving Millions In New Efficiency Effort

Scholarship coffers could increase as a result of ‘benchmarking,’ but tuition cuts not expected.

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In response to a crisis of affordability sweeping through the day school world, a new effort to have schools practice greater efficiency has resulted in savings of tens of millions of dollars for nearly 40 Jewish day schools across the nation.

But while the new “benchmarking” process spearheaded by Yeshiva University’s Institute for University-School Partnership is expected to free up funds for scholarships, don’t expect to see dramatic drops in tuition itself.

Yavneh Academy is one of eight Bergen County schools taking part in a cost-cutting program.

Tackling Day School Affordability


Recognizing that there are no magic bullets in alleviating the financial, emotional and other burdens on parents seeking to provide a quality day school education for their children at a time of economic recession, the leadership of the Orthodox Union sought this week to address the problem pragmatically.

Day School World Gauging Fallout From SAT Scandal

Schools worry about ‘guilt by proximity’ as Great Neck story unfolds; calls for more ethics lessons.

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With two North Shore Hebrew Academy students and a graduate now charged in the expanding Nassau County investigation of SAT cheating, some observers in the Jewish day school world are expressing disappointment and embarrassment and wondering if Jewish day schools need to step up existing programs aimed at instilling ethics and preventing cheating.

Great Neck’s North Shore Hebrew Academy.

New Day School Alternatives Set For Fall In N.J.

Parent labor, online classes keeping costs down in W. Orange, E. Brunswick.

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Aaron Spool used to have a lot of trouble sleeping.

A father of three young children, with another on the way, Spool — who lives in West Orange, N.J. — was kept up at night worrying about yeshiva tuition.

“For me, paying for day school is impossible. I have an MBA from the University of Michigan and work in finance, and I just can’t do it,” he told The Jewish Week. “If I can’t, then everyone else is going to have an issue, and I wanted to get ahead of the curve, to be proactive instead of reactive.

The West Orange Cooperative Yeshiva. Photo courtesy of Janessa Wasserman

Day Schools Get Cash, Tech Infusion

Two major investments include multimillion-dollar federation endowment, high-tech science ed partnership with Israel.

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The past few years have not been easy ones for the Jewish day school world.

The recession and the related “tuition crisis” have hurt enrollment, although not as much as many had feared. Add to that the emergence of Hebrew charter schools, which many day school leaders worry will draw away their tuition-paying students.

But things may start to be looking up for day schools.

Children use a computer lab provided by the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education.
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