Milan's Holocaust Memorial Doubles As Shelter For Refugees Fleeing Africa

The site of the infamous Platform 21, where Jews were once herded on to trains to the death camps, is now a shelter for refugees.

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Seventy years ago, Platform 21—the vast cavernous space underneath the Central Train Station in Milan, Italy—was used to load Jews in secret onto trains destined for the death camps. Now it’s the site of a Holocaust museum and the Memoriale della Shoah di Milano (Milan’s Holocaust Memorial). But over the past few months it has also served another purpose as a shelter for refugees fleeing war, starvation and persecution in Africa.

The Beteavon Soup Kitchen provides food the refugees. Via

In Nepal, Rabbi’s Sad Search Continues

Chabad leader looks for additional Jews among the dead following recovery of Israeli hiker’s body.


Kathmandu, Nepal – The Nepal based rabbi who has been a driving force in search and rescue is making daily visits to rows of bodies in a village near Kathmandu, expecting to discover more Jewish dead.

Nepal Chabad’s Rabbi Chezky Lifshitze

Rabbi Takes To Skies To Rescue Stranded Hikers Via Helicopter In Nepal

Rescue operations reach new heights.

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Relief efforts are well underway in areas devastated by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on Sunday, but local rescue operations by Chabad of Nepal just reached new heights. Rabbi Chezky Lifshitz—co-director of Chabad of Nepal with his wife, Chani—took to the skies in a Nepali helicopter to rescue a group of stranded hikers in remote regions hit by the earthquake.

Rabbi Chezky Lifshitz takes to the skies to reach stranded hikers in Nepal. Via

Preparing For College? Consider The Israel Factor

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Dear High School Senior,

The spring of your senior year is an exciting time in your life. You most likely are feeling a well-deserved sense of accomplishment on the verge of completing your high school career and, for those of you going on to college in the fall, a sense of anticipation as you look forward to campus life and a new level of independence. But there may also be a healthy dose of anxiety as to how you will fare on your own.

Gary Rosenblatt

Chasidic Female Rock Band Kickstart First Album

From obscurity to sold-out shows, Bulletproof Stockings knock one more item off their bucket list.

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“Break the mold / from the crown you make it gold,” the all-women’s alt-rock band from Crown Heights sings in their new single, “Mind Clear.”

Perl Wolfe and Dalia Schusterman rock out as the leading members of Bulletproof Stockings. Courtesy of Hannah Dreyfus

Steven Sotloff’s Parents To Light Public Menorah In His Memory


The parents of Steven Sotloff, the Jewish journalist who was beheaded by a member of ISIS, will light a public menorah in Miami in his memory.

Stabbed Israeli Student Improving As Mother Arrives In N.Y.


The condition of the Israeli rabbinical student who was stabbed at Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Brooklyn was upgraded.

Tighter Security Urged In Wake Of Stabbing

Attack of student at 770 raising questions about open-door policies.

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Following years of security concerns here because of wars and terrorism in the Middle East, the American Jewish community was on edge this week in the wake of an act of domestic anti-Semitism — an early morning attack on Tuesday at the headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in Crown Heights.

770 Eastern Parkway, Lubavitcher world headquarters. Wikimedia Commons

Chabad Takes Aim At Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar Pic

Massive selfie outside 770 Eastern Parkway includes some 2,000 rabbis.

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Chabad is doing Ellen DeGeneres one – or maybe a few thousand, better. The Hollywood star’s Oscar selfie with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Meryl Streep set Twitter records and has been valued at as much as $1 billion. Chabad-Lubavitch’s version isn’t so glitzy, but it’s much, much bigger, featuring about 2,000 rabbis gathered for the movement’s annual conference.

No Brad Pitt, but many, many rabbis. Via

After Guns, Drugs Seized, Chabad Rabbi Defends Youth Center

Says discovery of loaded assault rifle and drug paraphernalia was a “horrible surprise”; defends arrested volunteer.

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The head of a Crown Heights youth center where police discovered a loaded AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle and a stash of drugs Tuesday defended the 11-year-old organization and the volunteer arrested in connection with the crime.

“This came as a horrible surprise,” said Rabbi Moishe Feiglin, who started The Aliya Institute, an organization for disaffected Jewish youth, in 2003.

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