"Brooklyn is a city?"

If you lived in Brooklyn in the 70s, or visited, you'll recall the famous sign that greeted motorists coming off the Verrazano Bridge onto the Belt Parkway welcoming you to "America's 4th Largest City." Yes, Brooklyn was once a city, but what the sign, posted by then-Borough President Sebastian Leone, was really saying, in Brooklynese, is "If Brooklyn was a city, it'd be bigger than all them other cities, except four."

Iconic Brooklyn sign

Cuomo Meets With Chasidic Leaders

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Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that he and his father always had warm ties with the chasidic community and he hoped to “take it to another level” if he is elected next month.

“We have a special relationship that goes back many years,” the attorney general and son of three-term governor Mario Cuomo said during meetings with prominent chasidic leaders in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as seen on a YouTube video of the meetings.

Messianic Jews Making New Push In Flatbush

Counter-missionaries warn of major center in heart of Orthodox Brooklyn, but residents seem unconcerned.

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On the 1900 block of Coney Island Avenue, a major business thoroughfare in the heart of Brooklyn’s heavily Orthodox Flatbush neighborhood, you could easily buy some kosher sushi or a few tractates of the Talmud.

Soon, the neighborhood’s residents will also have the opportunity to study the New Testament there and attend Jewish-style worship services that recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

Chosen People Ministries’ Flatbush building.

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As holidays go, Sukkot has its fair share of rituals. In addition to building the huts and eating in them, the prayer for dew, the ushpizin and of course the blessing of the four species, I’ve added one of my own.

Being Ruth Gruber

The pioneering, nonagenarian Jewish journalist is a perfect documentary subject; fortunately, the film landed the perfect director as well.

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Ruth Gruber, the subject of a wonderfully economical and crisp documentary, "Ahead of Time," is a magnificent one-of-a-kind figure in 20th-century Jewish history. Gruber is the product of, she recounts with a grin, "a shtetl called Brooklyn. … Everybody there was Jewish." She was a prodigy who entered New York University at 15 and earned a doctorate from the University of Cologne at 20. But the attractions of the academy couldn't compete with the turmoil of worldwide economic depression, the New Deal at home and the rise of Fascism in Europe.

Ruth Gruber

Martin Lemelman on His Jewish Boyhood in Brooklyn

Professor Jacques Berlinerblau interviews Martin Lemelman, author of Two Cents Plain: My Brooklyn Boyhood

Suspect Arrested in Yoseph Robinson Shooting


(JTA) -- A suspect has been arrested in the shooting death in New York of a former hip-hop musician turned Orthodox Jew.

Police on Wednesday arrested Eion Klass in the death of Yoseph Robinson, 34, who was shot to death last week at a kosher liquor store in Brooklyn where he worked as a clerk.He died trying to protect his girlfriend during an attempted robbery.

Robinson, born in Jamaica, had recently converted and become an Orthodox Jew.

After Convert’s Murder, A Trail Of Broken Hearts

Jamaica-born Yoseph Robinson’s unlikely journey,
cut short in a botched Brooklyn robbery, touched numerous lives in the Orthodox community he chose.

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 Perhaps it was inevitable that in Brooklyn’s small community of Orthodox black Jews, Yoseph Robinson and Lahavah Wallace would eventually meet.

Yoseph Robinson said he was “kidnapped by God” to live life as an Orthodox Jew. He worked at a Midwood liquor store.

Chasidic Man Shot in Brooklyn


(JTA) -- Hispanic gunmen allegedly shot a Chasidic man in the stomach in Brooklyn.

Burech Halberstam, 25, a Satmar, lay on a residential street bleeding after two men reportedly got out of a white car and shot him after midnight Tuesday morning in the heavily Satmar Williamsburg section of the New York borough. Halberstam was talking on his cell phone when he was attacked.

One witness told the New York Post that the attackers laughed after shooting Halberstam, whose father is a rabbi at a Williamsburg synagogue.

Hatzalah, In A First, Takes Public Money (STORY AND VIDEO)

With fundraising flagging, volunteer ambulance corps gets $445,000 grant from Assembly.

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The Chevra Hatzalah volunteer ambulance company accepted a $445,000 capital grant from the New York State Assembly on Monday, taking public money for the first time in the group’s 35-year history.

The money will be used to upgrade and overhaul the organization’s central communications system at a facility on the border of Flatbush and Borough Park in Brooklyn that reaches 1,200 volunteers in the New York area.

Capital grant will be used to upgrade Hatzalah’s communications system at its Brooklyn headquarters.
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