Bloomberg Bucking Independence Line

04/21/2005 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seeking to distance himself from the state’s fastest growing political party following the latest controversy surrounding one of its leaders, Lenora Fulani, The Jewish Week has learned. Sources close to Bloomberg’s campaign say he is “actively negotiating” with members of the troubled Liberal Party in an effort to revitalize it in time for November’s election, which would provide the Republican mayor a much-needed second ballot line in an overwhelmingly Democratic town.

Mayor’s Race Goes International

03/17/2005 - 19:00
Staff Writer
The selection of Mayor Michael Bloomberg to lead the U.S. delegation to the Yad Vashem dedication Tuesday in Jerusalem was a helpful election-year gift from President George W. Bush, and apparently a thrill for Bloomberg, too.

Does West Side Stadium Have A Prayer?

03/03/2005 - 19:00
Staff Writer
Looks like Mayor Michael Bloomberg can use all the help he can get to win approval for a stadium on the West Side. While hosting a group of organizers of Tuesday’s Siyum HaShas celebration, Bloomberg noted that the event was an “amazing celebration of having a great love of study,” then asked the crowd to put in a good word for him with the Almighty.

Bloomberg Leading Third-Party Charge?

12/25/2007 - 19:00
Washington Correspondent
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is at the epicenter of what could be a third-party earthquake in 2008. Speculation has grown in recent days that the globe-trotting mayor is maneuvering to position himself for a third-party presidential bid. Bloomberg, according to some analysts, could benefit from the high negatives that continue to plague Sen. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, and from widespread unhappiness among many Republicans about all of their party’s prospective nominees.
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