Sometimes Men Do Appear Out of Thin Air

Walking home from yoga I decided to cut through a pretty, tree-lined neighborhood.

On the way I noticed that someone had propped up framed art and a few boxes of stuff next to a garbage bin. I figured someone had moved out and just dumped the things they didn’t want so I crept closer to take a peek. My apartment was in need of a few decorative items.

Just then a head popped up from behind a wall.

His Artwork Raises A Fuehrer

Staff Writer
Robert Lederman doesn’t stand out in a crowd. But his artwork does. During months of protest over the police shooting of Amadou Diallo, Lederman’s caricatures depicting Mayor Rudolph Giuliani as Adolf Hitler received far more notoriety than the affable, middle-aged Jewish artist and street peddler from Brooklyn who created them. The signs, which Lederman distributed to the protestors, were panned by Jewish leaders. Some say they harmed efforts to address police brutality by distracting from the issue.

Netting A Notorious Collection

Staff Writer
Thekla Stein Nordwind of Scottsdale, Ariz., has been looking forward to the establishment this week of a Web site where American museums are posting their collection of paintings, sculptures and other works of art that might have been looted by the Nazis. "It's similar to one they have in Germany," Nordwind said. "Now you can look for confiscated art on this one central Web site rather than having to go to each museumís Web site separately."
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