If You’re Going To San Francisco

Here’s another film festival — a Jewish film festival — hijacked by anti-Zionist Progressives who do their best Joe Wilson and Kanye imitations, consistently shouting down a pro-Israel speaker.

That was back in July. This week, five Jewish film festival board members resigned,
noting the lack of civility and direction of the festival.

'Too Jewish' For Fire Department?

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A chasidic rabbi working for the Fire Department claims he has been prevented from performing chaplain duties, barred from ceremonies and denied a uniform while being told by a top official that he was "too Jewish." "They just don't want me to do anything," said Rabbi Mayer Birnhack, who began working as a chaplain with the city's Emergency Medical Service in 1988.

Anti-Semitism Up Slightly

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Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States rose slightly in 1998, with a 2 percent increase from the previous year, according to the latest audit compiled by the Anti-Defamation League. The annual report attributes the rise to an increase in vandalism against Jewish institutions and property, which drove the total number of incidents to 1,611 in 42 states and the district of Columbia. In 1997, there were 1,571 incidents recorded. New York continues to lead the nation in anti-Semitic incidents, despite a 15 percent decrease to 324 incidents from 380 in 1997.

Brooklyn Rabbi No Longer Standing Pat

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A Brooklyn rabbi who supported Patrick Buchanan for president in 1989 is turning his back on the arch-conservative commentator because of his refusal to mend fences with Jews. "It was counterproductive for me to spend my time putting out his fires," says Rabbi Yehuda Levin. "He stands for a lot of things that irritate my community."

High Stakes In Harlem

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A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the city cannot deny a permit for the so-called Million Youth March. Black elected officials are distancing themselves from the march, scheduled for Saturday, and encouraging young people to stay away. Last year most denounced organizer Khallid Abdul Muhammad's rhetoric as anti-Semitic while supporting the march because of the issues it portended to address. Insiders and observers say Harlem leaders have a variety of incentives to contribute to the march's failure, including the following:

Rockland Pol Blasts 'Evil' Rabbi

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A Spring Valley village trustee who is running for the Rockland County Legislature is having a rough time weathering the storm following his controversial comments about Jewish influence. Demeza Delhomme in an interview Monday with The Jewish Week blasted the Monsey rabbi who made public his remarks on cable TV as "evil." On the same day, he reportedly told the Journal News of Rockland that he considered the rabbi, Justin Schwartz, a person "with 20 horns on his head, raping our community at large."

ADL Looks On Bright Side

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New York streets were more dangerous for Jews in 2006 than the previous year. Twenty-three people reported being physically assaulted for being Jewish, a jump of more than 50 percent from the previous year. It was also a banner year for vandalism, with 165 people on the receiving end of swastikas and other graffiti, up nearly 10 percent. The region’s most heavily Jewish area, Brooklyn, saw a 33 percent jump in anti-Semitic incidents, with a grand total of 67, and three of five boroughs saw an increase in incidents.

No ‘Place’ For Bigot

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It’s never too late to give an anti-Semite a kick in the pants, a couple of Brooklyn politicians figure. Nearly 110 years after industrialist Austin Corbin died, State Sen. Carl Kruger wants to rename a heavily Jewish Manhattan Beach street that honors Corbin’s memory and Councilman Mike Nelson is considering a bill that would do so.

Hikind: No Future For European Jews

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After a whirlwind tour of Jewish communities in four European countries, Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind says local leaders are convinced they have no future there. “It’s scary,” said Hikind, a Democrat whose district includes Borough Park and part of Flatbush. “Is it 1938 again? No, it’s not, but there sure is a very dangerous situation that exists there for Jews. One of the universal things we heard was there is no future, it’s only a question of time.”

West Side Shul Hit With Swastika

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A vandal painted a two-foot high, black swastika on the outside of Shaare Tzedek, a Conservative congregation on the Upper West Side last weekend. The police department’s Bias Crime Unit was investigating the incident, according to the shul and the Anti-Defamation League. The vandalism was noticed around 12:30 p.m. Sunday, and took place sometime after the building closed at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday night. “People are always shocked when this kind of thing happens, and kind of scared,” said Lolita Pogrebitskaya, the shul’s office manager.
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