Startup Nation’s Low-Tech Circumcision Technique

Former Dor Chadash founder here sees new CEO post, which often takes her to Africa to fight AIDS, as ‘ambassador for Israel.’

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Tel Aviv — Back in her native Israel in 2009 after 11 years working in business and pro-Israel activism in New York City, Tzameret Fuerst heard about a “very early stage” medical project being developed by four young Israelis.

Tzameret Fuerst returned to Israel from New York, where she was a founder of the Dor Chadash pro-Israel advocacy organization.

Gay Marriage: A Moral Choice?


Q - I have some sympathy for gay marriage, just legalized in New York, but I can't understand how anyone who takes the Torah seriously could consider it the proper moral choice. I mean, the book of Leviticus is rather explicit in describing homosexuality as "an abomination." How can anyone get around that?

Joshua Hammerman

Alvin Ailey, a small revelation

This Sunday I went to see Alvin Ailey American Dancer Theater at City Center.  It's the 50th anniversary of its landmark piece, "Revelations," created by the company's founder, Ailey, who died of AIDS in 1989.  And each night of the company's month-long stay they're staging the work.

Spreading The Word About AIDS

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When a board member of the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island died 10 years ago, people were told that the cause was cancer. But not until her husband died a year or so later were people told the real cause of their deaths: AIDS. "Their son became the poster boy for the necessity of having education about AIDS," said Scott Feldman, the former program director of the JCC. "He was involved in the leadership group at the JCC, and he and his brothers and sisters made a family decision to reveal what their parents had died of."
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