Agudah: Avi Weiss Shul Not Orthodox

It's a strange thing about some liberal rabbis. They knock the concept of "Das Torah" (the unilateral and unquestioned right of sages to guide their community based upon their mastery of Torah). But then, when a rabbi such as Avi Weiss want to create a woman rabbi, he acts unilaterally, without respecting any communal consensus, based upon what he says is his own mastery and understanding of Torah. In other words, his Das Torah.  

Agudah Head’s Death Mourned By Haredim

05/21/1998 - 20:00
Staff Writers
As Agudath Israel of America mourned the death of its longtime leader and visionary Rabbi Moshe Sherer this week, officials of the organization put off for now any discussion of who will inherit the reins of the influential, ultra-Orthodox umbrella group.“The one who is missing is irreplaceable,” said Agudah spokesman Rabbi Avi Shafran of Rabbi Sherer, who died Sunday of leukemia at age 76. For now, Agudah’s vice president, Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, is making day-to-day decisions for the movement, believed to have as many as 100,000 adherents in the United States.
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