Ever On The Hate Watch

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What keeps Abraham Foxman, the national direct of the Anti-Defamation League, up at night?

Abraham Foxman in conversation with Jewish Week editor and publisher Gary Rosenblatt. Michael Datikash

Denying Discrimination, Hobby Chain To Sell Chanukah Items

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The president of Hobby Lobby said the Oklahoma-based chain will carry Chanukah items in its stores near areas with large Jewish populations. He also said he would investigate the claim that an employee displayed hostility toward Jews when asked about Chanukah decorations.

Steve Green in an interview with The Associated Press published Saturday said the items will be in his crafts stores in New York and New Jersey by November.

Hobby Lobby has "deep respect for the Jewish faith," its president says. Photo via

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ADL At 100

'Words of hate can easily turn into acts of hate,' says Foxman in new book on perils of Internet.

Editor And Publisher
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Last Thursday, a 5-year-old British girl, April Jones, who had been raped and murdered, was buried in London after her funeral was televised nationally. She and another young girl were victims of men apparently addicted to online pornography. And although England, like the U.S., bans child pornography, Prime Minister David Cameron plans to take measures to further restrict pornography on the Internet, making Britain “the most family-friendly democracy in the world,” according to a member of his Conservative Party.

Gary Rosenblatt

We Can't Turn Off Online Bigotry

"The relentless drumbeat of hateful content can desensitize Internet readers."

Less Anti-Semitism In U.S.

But incidents on campus rise, ADL report says.

Associate Editors
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Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States fell by 14 percent in 2012, according to the Anti-Defamation League, with 927 cases, down from 1,080 in 2011. College campuses, however, experienced an anti-Semitic surge, with 61 cases reported, almost three times the 22 incidents in 2011. New York State also bucked the national trend, with 248 cases, up from 195 the year before.

ADL And Other Jewish Groups Hail Ruling Against DOMA

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The Anti-Defamation League on Wednesday hailed the decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the federal rights of same sex couples in states that allow same sex marriages.

The DOMA lawsuit had been brought by a Jewish woman, Edith Windsor, who was forced to pay federal taxes on the estate of her late wife, Thea Spyer, who was also Jewish, despite the fact that their Canadian marriage was recognized as legal by the state of New York, where they resided.

After New Research, ADL Will No Longer Honor Holocaust-Era Policeman

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In a dramatic reversal of historic fortunes, Giovanni Palatucci will shift from righteous gentile to possible Nazi collaborator as the Anti-Defamation League reconsiders an annual award in his honor.

Image from a website started by a relative shows Giovanni Palatucci as a young man.

Justin Bieber’s Anne Frank Remarks Debated


Pop music star Justin Bieber’s comments left in a guestbook following a visit to the Anne Frank House drew mixed reactions.

Who Bombed Boston? The Word For Now Is Caution


The day after the Boston Marathon bombing, President Obama called it an “act of terrorism.” What kind of terrorism, no one was ready to say -- a caution that derives from years of wrongful speculation that on occasion has ruined innocent lives.

Hours after the attack Monday that killed three and injured scores, Obama in a television address refrained from using the word “terrorism.” He did use it Tuesday, but wrapped it deep in caveats.

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