Beinart To Publish Full Book on Zionism, 2011

Many Jewish journalists, myself included, spent a good deal of this past spring discussing Peter Beinart's provocative essay on liberal Zionism.  If you thought that horse died, think again: Publisher's Weekly just announced that Beinart struck a deal with Times Books to

ADL, AJC Weigh In On Ground Zero Mosque (Updated)


The Anti-Defamation League issued a statement Friday against the building of a mosque near the World Trade Center memorial site. And on Monday, the American Jewish Committee entered the fray as well, saying the Cordoba Initiative's $100 million cultural center on Park Place "has “has a right to be built.” But the organization urged the founders of the center to "urgently address concerns about funding and support for terrorism."

ADL Downgrades Swastika As Jewish Hate Symbol

Watchdog group adopts new, conservative reporting
of incidents against Jews.

Assistant Managing Editor

The painting of a swastika — that dark, ubiquitous signature of hateful vandals everywhere — is no longer automatically considered an act of anti-Semitism under new guidelines for recording attacks against Jews announced this week by the Anti-Defamation League.

The most prominent Jewish defense agency in the country, perhaps in the world, announced on Tuesday that it has revamped its guidelines for recording anti-Semitic incidents in its annual survey for the first time in 30 years, taking a more conservative approach.

Has the swastika become a general symbol of hate?

Arizona immigration law lesson: political demagoguery works

There are a lot of scary aspects to Arizona's Draconian new immigration law, but the scariest might be this: it has worked like a charm for the politicians who supported it.

The very latest on the Holocaust allusion beat

Cool: last week Jewish lawmakers, pundits and partisan activists got into an involved discussion about the rules of the English language and how they apply to anything having to do with the term “holocaust,” or “Holocaust.”  Note the caps.  Who knew they were such an erudite bunch?

Seeing War Though Palestinian Eyes

Associate Editor

When you learn to see the world through Palestinian eyes, you’ll know that Israel’s Gaza actions were stunningly effective and that “the world” couldn’t care less.

Who Should Pay For Jewish Education?

Associate Editor
Most polls ranking campaign issues place aid to education near the top of voter concerns. And judging by a series of congressional votes, most Americans don’t seem to mind if Jewish schools get government funding, as well. Nevertheless, a Senate vote earlier this month, which would free up money for parents with children in day schools as well as public schools, has ignited a fierce debate in the Jewish community over whether this was a necessary gift or a Trojan horse.

‘Most Dangerous Hate Group In U.S.’

New ADL report on The National Alliance

Washington Correspondent
Hate groups have been out of the news in recent months, but that doesn’t mean they are not exploiting recent events — including the stock market plunge and the Monica Lewinsky scandal — to expand their base. That was the message in a new  Anti-Defamation League report on the National Alliance, which the Jewish watchdog group called “the single most dangerous organized hate group in America today.”

JDL Leader On Life Support

Associate Editor
As Irv Rubin lay on life support this week in a Los Angeles hospital after what authorities said was a suicide attempt, the controversial Jewish Defense League leader was remembered as “a fighter for Israel, a feisty old Brooklyn fighter.”

Hip-Hype: Russell Raps Abe

Staff Writer
Hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons, who has admitted hyping the worth of the clothing line he founded to inflate its market value, is claiming now that ADL National Director Abraham Foxman "single-handedly caused millions of persons to flock to see the 'Passion of Christ.'" His assertion came in a letter to Foxman in which he blasted the Jewish leader for being "misguided, arrogant and very disrespectful of African Americans" for his call to black leaders to disassociate themselves from the Minister Louis Farrakhan and his Millions More March on Oct. 15.
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