Obama And Netanyahu To Meet In New York


President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are set to meet on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

Netanyahu is scheduled to arrive Wednesday in New York for the General Assembly meeting. He told his Cabinet Sunday that he will meet with Obama, as well as other world leaders, upon his arrival.

White House National Security Council spokesman Ben Rhodes confirmed the scheduled meeting to reporters over the weekend. Obama is not scheduled to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, according to the White House.

Palestinian Marriage Of Inconvenience On The Rocks

When Fatah signed its power-sharing agreement with Hamas back in May the deal was hailed as part of Mahmoud Abbas' bold strategy to bolster his bid for U.N. recognition and membership by showing the Palestinians were united in their desire for statehood. 

Abbas Seen Wooing Terror Groups

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In his efforts to co-opt rather than fight terrorist groups, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has sought to get Hamas and Islamic Jihad to join the Palestine Liberation Organization, of which he is the leader. This week, he appeared on the verge of success — but at the expense of Israel.

‘Something Has To Be Done’

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Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak ruled out Tuesday an imminent large-scale invasion of the Gaza Strip to put an end to the repeated Palestinian rocket attacks against southern Israel, explaining that it would scuttle the upcoming Israeli summit meeting in Annapolis, Md., with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Barak was responding to mounting pressure for a military response following the firing of three rockets last week at the city of Sderot, one of which struck a house and another a power line, knocking out electricity to the city.

Will Abbas Move On Terror?

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It’s decision time for Mahmoud Abbas. The Palestinian president was in London Tuesday collecting $1.2 billion in pledges for the Palestinian people when news came that a Palestinian terrorist group was claiming responsibility for last Friday’s suicide bombing in Tel Aviv and was reportedly plotting other spectacular attacks. Israeli experts say Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, must take action against terror or forfeit gains he has made with Jerusalem in recent weeks.

Clock Running For Abbas To Act

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Israeli troops were poised this week to move into the northern Gaza Strip to halt continued missile attacks on the nearby Israeli community of Sderot. But the action was delayed to see if Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would do it using his own troops. The decision of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to wait touched off a debate in Israel as to how long the government should give Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, to act.

Harsh Talk Raises Fresh Abbas Fears

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The strident comments this week of Mahmoud Abbas, the frontrunner in Sunday’s Palestinian presidential election, have left Israelis puzzled and concerned after weeks of more conciliatory talk and directives on his part to end Palestinian incitement against Israel. Abbas, the man viewed by both Israel and the United States as a moderate who could lead the Palestinian people to statehood, called Israel the “Zionist enemy” during remarks to thousands of supporters in the Gaza Strip Tuesday.

Abbas Seen ‘In Trouble’

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Armed Palestinian terrorists continued to defy Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ efforts this week to disarm them or get them to rejoin the Palestinian security forces to which most of them had once belonged. Unable to get the security situation under control, Abbas was forced to delay his planned trip to the United States to meet with President George W. Bush. The trip had been expected to take place about a week after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s visit to Bush next week.

Squeeze On Israel As Abbas Teeters

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In an effort to prop up a faltering Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, the United States was seen as pressuring Israel this week to release more Palestinian prisoners and dismantle more unauthorized outposts. But there is widespread opposition to such moves by many Israelis.

Abbas Seen As 'Helpless'

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Ramallah, West Bank The Palestinian parliamentary elections next week were expected to be a source of pride for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas: the first competitive Palestinian election that was to become the foundation for building democratic norms in the West Bank and Gaza. Instead, Abbas finds he is unable to exercise any authority, unable to command respect and on the verge of losing control of the Palestinian Authority he heads while anarchy reigns in the Gaza Strip, punctuated by a series of kidnappings of foreigners.
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