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Bibi Abandons 2-State Solution

As the election got closer and tighter Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu moved farther and farther away from his 2009 commitment to the two-state solution.

In the years since that speech at Bar Ilan University, his position has gone from "yes, but' to "hell, no" with a few stops in between.

Time To Recognize The Palestinian State

Israeli recognition of a Palestinian state could be groundbreaking, a catalyst for renewing negotiations.

Special To The Jewish Week

The recent collapse of Israel’s government may seem like one more reason to despair of our tortured politics and divided polity, but it presents the best chance in years to secure peace and preserve our democracy. The government that was disbanded was not a government of peace, in any possible way.

Hilik Bar

Path Ahead No Clearer After UN Vote

‘Ill-timed’ Palestinian resolution fails as supporters of two-state solution slam Abbas.

Staff Writer

Even after the UN Security Council rejected an Arab resolution Tuesday that would have established a 12-month deadline for a Palestinian-Israeli peace accord and given Israel three years to return to its pre-1967 borders, Arab states said they would continue to look to the UN to resolve the conflict.

The UN Arab resolution was seen as one-sided. Getty Images

Leaked EU Document: Sanctions Against Israel Under Consideration


The European Union is considering imposing sanctions on Israel for continued settlement building, according to a leaked document.

After The Gaza War: Back To The Two-State Solution

Special To The Jewish Week

There has been so much analysis written about this summer’s war in Gaza — why it got started, how it was conducted, under which conditions it could and should be brought to a conclusion, and who were the winners and losers. So much complexity, so many moving parts, and what is there left to say?  

Martin Raffel

Poll: Support For Two-State Solution Weak In U.S.


Although the two-state solution is touted by the United States as the way to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians, support for it among Americans is “surprising tepid,” according an opinion poll commissioned by Shibley Telhami, the Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland.

Abbas At U.N. Blasts Israel As ‘Racist,’ Tamps Down Statehood Bid


 Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in his U.N. address blasted Israel as seeking to end the two-state solution but tamped down any plans to seek statehood unilaterally.

Describing what he said were "racist" attacks by settlers on Palestinians in collusion with the Israeli government, Abbas told the General Assembly on Thursday that he has reached the conclusion "that the Israeli government rejects the two-state solution."

He said, however, that Palestinians remain ready to negotiate a two-state solution.

Time To Prove Two-State Solution Isn’t Just Rhetoric

Special To The Jewish Week

At 7:30 am on a recent Sunday, I spoke to more than 100 Presbyterians at their General Assembly in Pittsburgh.  I was one of two Jewish voices opposing their divestment resolution.  I had been urged to attend by colleagues in the organized Jewish community.  My voice, I was told, would be particularly helpful because of my work at J Street, advocating for a two-state solution.  

Rachel Lerner
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