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Halachic Process Dynamic


Kudos to Rabbi Shai Held on his insightful Opinion piece, “Halacha and Innovation Not Mutually Exclusive,” (May 28).

Parade Observations


Having watched the Israel Day Parade on May 23, I concur with your observation that it was primarily an Orthodox event (“Israel Parade: Missing In Action,” Editorial, May 28).

Slippery Halachic Slope


Francine Klagsbrun (Opinion, May 14) both misunderstands Orthodox Judaism and unintentionally strengthens the Rabbinical Council of America’s rationale for stating that “regardless of title” a woman cannot be a member of the Orthodox rabbinate.

Judaism, in the eyes of Orthodox Jews, has always encompassed much more than codified laws. It includes the judgments of a broad consensus of rabbinic leaders about what is Jewishly proper, particularly when Jews are faced with new social or political circumstances and movements.

Israel Parade: Many Jews Missing In Action


Walking along the route of the Israel Day Parade on Sunday, from 72nd Street down to 59th Street along Fifth Avenue, we were reminded once again, and in dramatic fashion, how the expression of Zionism in American has become increasingly the purview of the Modern Orthodox community.

The Rabbinical Council of America should:

The Shabbat Scooter

The other day I received a call from a reporter at the Detroit News. She was just about to submit a story about a motorized scooter that can be used by observant Jews on Shabbat, but she wanted a local rabbi's comments first. It was fortuitous that she contacted me since I am already familiar with the Israeli-based Zomet Institute, which partnered with the scooter company, but I have also seen this Sabbath-acceptable scooter in action since I know Michael Balkin, who owns one of these scooters and was interviewed for the article.

Orthodoxy Is Under His Microscope

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If you keep close tabs on the Orthodox in America, you probably know Samuel Heilman’s name. He’s been keeping tabs himself on the subject for years, having written numerous articles and two books about Judiasm’s most rigidly observant stream.

Orthodox To Press Case On Conversion Bill

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A group of Orthodox Jews will be leaving Saturday night for Israel to meet with the country’s senior political leaders in a bid to convince them to keep the status quo on conversions. The trip was organized within the last three weeks by the newly formed Orthodox organization Am Echad. Between 60 and 70 lay leaders from across the country are expected to participate, according to one of Am Echad’s leaders, Abraham Biderman.

A Star That Shines For Some

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As more and more Orthodox Jews moved into the Five Towns in the last two decades, store owners had one choice: close on Shabbat or lose Orthodox customers.

Charges Of Anti-Semitism In Upstate Yeshiva Plan

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The action this week by the upstate Village of Pomona just north of Monsey to limit the size of college dormitories is evidence of “overt, direct, anti-Semitic discrimination” aimed at a proposed $350 million Orthodox rabbinical college in the village, according to the college’s lawyer. The law adopted Monday night by the village’s trustees, limits the size of college dormitories to 20 percent of the size of the total square footage of the college’s buildings.
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