NYPD Mulls Iran Terror Scenario

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Police officials are assessing whether pro-Iran groups might retaliate against Jewish targets here in the event of a U.S. or Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear sites, the NYPD’s top intelligence analyst announced on Tuesday. Mitchell Silber told Jewish leaders at a pre-High Holy Days security briefing at police headquarters that a team of NYPD detectives and analysts has been sent to Argentina as part of that assessment.

Zakaria Tackles the Taboo Subject: Iran Deterrence

The subject is strictly taboo in pro-Israel circles, but many Iran experts believe now is the time to at least start talking about containment and deterrence as a strategy


Iran continues defying the international community and gets its own nukes.

Senate letter slams Goldstone Gaza report

Congress is getting into the “whack-a-Goldstone” game, thanks to an aggressive push by AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby.

This week a Senate lettter gathered 32 signatures – not up to AIPAC’s usual standards, but nothing to sneeze at, either – on a letter that commended the administration for “criticizing the one-sided mandate directing the Goldstone report and highlighting the real causes of the war betweeen Israel and Hamas.”

New Confusion On Iran As War Option Resurfaces

  Was Vice President Biden’s comment on Israel’s right to attack Iran a gaffe or a reflection of administration thinking?

Washington Correspondent

A comment by Vice President Joe Biden that may have been a signal or a slipup, growing internal divisions in Tehran and a revived debate about an Israeli military strike stirred political and diplomatic speculation around the world and added new confusion for Jewish groups as the Iran nuclear clock continues to tick.

U.S. Searching For ‘Plan B’ On Iran

Washiington Correspondent

The Obama administration, frustrated by Iran’s non-response to its diplomatic overtures, is considering policy shifts to ratchet up U.S. pressure on the Tehran regime — while still leaving the door open a crack for negotiations.

Preparing For ‘Plan C’ On Iran

Washington correspondent

Several hundred Jewish leaders from around the country will spill into Washington on Thursday for a “national leadership advocacy day on Iran” that many hope will spark a genuine grass-roots movement akin to the Soviet Jewry movement of the 1980s.

And while one ostensible goal of the fly-in is to press for new sanctions legislation pending in Congress, there is a broader, unspoken purpose: to ensure strong official U.S. support if Israel feels compelled to use military force to damage Iran’s nuclear program.

For Sloppy Bloggers, A Fattal Error

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In a widely disseminated error by news outlets and bloggers, Joshua Fattal, 27, currently a captive in Iran, is being confused with Joshua Fattal, a teenaged local yeshiva student who has written two articles for Fresh Ink, the high school supplement of The Jewish Week.

The case of mistaken identity has led to speculation that the older Fattal may be charged with being a “Zionist” spy.

Jewish Majority Now Backs Attack On Iran, Disagrees with Obama on Settlements

In dramatic shift, 56 percent of U.S. Jews favor military strike, according to new AJC poll.

Washington Correspondent

No alternate text on picture! - define alternate text in image propertiesAmerican Jews have taken a sharply hawkish turn on Iran, with a majority now supporting a U.S. military strike to end that country’s nuclear weapons program, according to this year’s Survey of American Jewish Public Opinion, released on Wednesday by the American Jewish Committee.

Stronger Iran Sanctions, or Strike?

Pressure’s on Iran after secret nuke revelation.

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No alternate text on picture! - define alternate text in image propertiesThe revelation that Iran had a secret nuclear site deep in the arid mountains near the holy city of Qom and protected by anti-aircraft missile batteries has dramatically increased the likelihood of strong sanctions against the Tehran regime, but it is unlikely to change a strategic calculus that does not favor U.S. or Israeli military action.

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