Gillibrand: Protect Jewish Cemeteries Of Europe


The desecration, vandalism and redevelopment of Jewish cemeteries in Europe has prompted Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) to ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to press local governments abroad to preserve those sites.

In a letter Tuesday to Clinton, Gillibrand said she was acting on behalf of constituents who have expressed concern “about the threats faced by historic cemeteries, such as those in Lithuania, Poland and Malta.”

Volcanic ash strands 48,000 between Israel, Europe


JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Some 300 flights to and from Ben Gurion International Airport have been cancelled in the wake of a volcano eruption in Iceland.

As of Monday, about 48,000 people travelling between Israel and Europe have been stranded, including at least 20,000 Israelis.

The ash on Monday also for the first time prevented a flight from North America from taking off for Israel, Haaretz reported.

Europe Bonds With Israel


All that glitters, according to European investors, at least, isn’t Gold ... stone.

On the very day the European Parliament endorsed the Goldstone report accusing Israel and Hamas of war crimes during the 2008-2009 Gaza war, European money managers were rushing to buy a nearly $2 million Israeli bond issue.

“These people are professionals and all of them were impressed with our economy,” said Zvi Chalamish, Israel’s consul and chief fiscal officer for the Ministry of Finance here.

Ministry of Finance official Zvi Chalamish: Israel’s economy “excellent.”

On Campus In Europe: Anti-Semitism

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Julian Voloj still can't quite believe the ugly new wave of anti-Jewish incidents in Europe. The 28-year-old chairman of the European Union of Jewish Students, a 200,000-member organization of 18- to 30-year-old European Jews, shakes his head as he ticks off a list of recent incidents at university campuses. In Southern France, youth hostels are reportedly refusing to take in Israeli students. His French chapter was the victim of a molotov cocktail; the office was badly damaged.

French Jews Still Anxious, Despite Calm Falafel shop owner feels at home in Paris, but not all Jews agree. Sharon Udasin

Despite the 1,800 miles that separate Paris from Tel Aviv, Jews in France say they face ongoing repercussions from the ongoing Middle Eastern tensions. And it’s not only from the country’s large Arab population but perhaps even more so from na

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Paris — Nestled among Parisian gefilte fish proprietors, pickled herring vendors and boulangeries stocked with chocolate rugelach, an Israeli restaurateur yanks otherwise oblivious customers into his teeming falafel palace while Chabad boys sell palm fronds for Sukkot across the cobblestone Rue des Rosiers.

In the Marais, the traditional Jewish quarter of the French capital, neon leaflets advertise Hebrew classes and nearly every shop window has a stamp of approval from the Beth Din of Paris.

Falafel shop owner feels at home in Paris, but not all Jews agree.
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