Christian-Backed Aliyah Set For July

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Steven and Esther Accardi, with their two young children, will soon be leaving their Rockland County home and jobs to join a group of 531 American Jews from across the country who are making aliyah, en masse, next month. That the tab, in part, is being picked up by Evangelical Christians (some of whom want to bring Jews to the Promised Land to hasten the Second Coming of Jesus) apparently doesn't faze them.

Rabbis Explore Uniqueness Of Gay Shuls

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The rabbis of the nation's gay and lesbian synagogues gathered this week at a first-of-its kind meeting, held at Congregation Beth Simchat Torah in the West Village. Their goal was to share experiences "and to find out whether there are in fact things unique to us as leaders of gay and lesbian congregations," said one participant, Rabbi Lisa Edwards of Los Angeles' Bet Chayim Chadashim, during a lunch break. The answer, she and other participants said, is that there are and there aren't.

Poll Pals For Snowbirds

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Some Northeasterners flying to Florida in late October and early November won’t be the usual snowbirds. In fact, these Jewish men and women are far from retirement age. They are twentysomethings on a mission: Operation Bubbe. Their aim is to get Jewish seniors populating condo colonies and senior centers in Palm Springs, Boca Raton, Delray Beach and North Miami to the polls in the Nov. 2 presidential election.

The Conservative Influence

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When it comes to the Jewish community’s recent focus on Jewish education, you can thank the Conservative movement. That’ll be the rouse-the-faithful message of Jewish Theological Seminary Chancellor Ismar Schorsch at his annual state-of-the-movement address next week in Jacksonville, Fla.

Seders Of Liberation

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Passover is a time of stories. In the Haggadah we tell the story of the Jewish people, and at the seder table the people often tell their own stories. More than any other time in the Jewish cycle of holidays, Passover spurs stories — of preparing for yom tov, of memories at the seder, of lessons learned at school.

For Liberal Jews, Sunup On A Rare Ritual

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At sunrise on April 8, the eve of Passover, a group of Jews from the Upper West Side will gather on the roof of the JCC in Manhattan. Organized by Hazon, the New York-based group that works for a “more sustainable Jewish community,” the early-morning risers will say some prayers, do some yoga and burn some chametz.

An Arena For Forgiveness?

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A major German company cooperates with the Third Reich during World War II. Years later, it apologizes for its actions and makes reparation payments to Holocaust survivors. The firm is honored in the United States by the Jewish community. Another major German company cooperates with the Third Reich. It also apologizes and makes reparation payments. In an attempt to strengthen its public image in the U.S., it bids to put its name on a prominent football stadium. The firm is heavily criticized here by the Jewish community.

A Comeback For The ‘Jewish Jordan’

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A baggage handler at Baltimore-Washington International Airport recognized a familiar face, a redhead with a crew cut and closely trimmed beard and big kippah, the other day. “What’s up, Jewish Jordan?” the baggage handler, an African-American, asked Tamir Goodman.

Ex-Fencers On Guard For Old Coach

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The hundreds of Yeshiva University and Stern College students who took up epee, foil and saber during Arthur Tauber's quarter-century as fencing coach talk about how he would make time for his young athletes. After practice, on bus rides, often late at night he would counsel the students, serving as a sounding board or surrogate parent. This month many of Tauber's onetime fencers will make time for him.

Holocaust comparisons again...and again and again

What would folks do if they didn't have  the Holocaust to use as a frame of reference for just about everything they don't like?

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