Can Technology Be Kashered?

The provocative Jewish Theater of New York takes on haredim and the Internet.

Special To The Jewish Week

Sexual images on the Internet disturb many people, but haredi Jews view them as a threat to their entire way of life.
In Tuvia Tenenbom’s new comedy, “Press #93 for Kosher Jewish Girls in Krakow,” opening this Sunday, two ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students, Moishe (Noah Schultz) and Yankee (Jon Bass) in Israel invent a “kosher cell phone” that not only circumvents pornographic content on the Internet but also enables observant Jewish men to avoid temptation by warning them whenever a girl is about to cross their path.

‘This Was Their Life'

Staff Writer
Half asleep from his late-night travels to Mumbai, Chaim Zaklos trailed groggily behind an energetic Gavriel Holtzberg and suddenly found himself aboard a wooden motorboat, on an early spring morning of 2006. Filled with 150 ferry passengers and zero life jackets, the vessel rumbled away from the Gateway of India and chugged through a predawn Mumbai Harbor for about an hour, as the sun rose over their destination — the town of Alibag.
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