No Simple Simcha: The Logistics, Love and Learning of a Blended Family

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If you actually pay attention at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you just might learn something new. Maybe you'll pick up a meaningful nugget of knowledge from the parsha that you've missed in the past. Perhaps you'll discover how you might get involved in the mitzvah project being discussed on the bima. Or possibly you'll get some insights (and eyesights) as to exactly how much shorter this year's hemlines are than last year's.

Deborah Grayson Riegel

How I Met Your Mother

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Ellen Braunstein likes to joke that she met her husband, Mark, on an Internet dating site back when “people worried they’d meet ax murderers online. We were pioneers. Back then, no one was doing it.”   

Berenson Case Garners Attention

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The first time Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald visited Lori Berenson in her bare and frigid prison cell on a Peruvian mountaintop, he brought her a dozen New York bagels. In his latest visit to the 29-year-old New York woman, serving a life sentence for treason for terrorist acts, Rabbi Greenwald brought her a book on Jewish thought. He believes that shows progress, both in Berenson’s attitude, and her circumstances. The details of Rabbi Greenwald’s trip emerge as Berenson’s case has gained support and publicity.

Sephardic Leader Leon Levy Dies At 84

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eon Levy, a son of Turkish Jewish immigrants who became a philanthropist and leader of several major Jewish organizations in the United States, died Sept. 19 in Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital of heart and lung failure. A resident of Jamaica Estates, Queens, he was 84.
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