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Around the Cyber Seder

As we approach the Passover Seder, here are a few cool sites and videos to enhance the Passover experience:

Bangitout.com - Seder Sidekick 2010

Isaac and Seth Galena, the brothers behind the popular Jewish humor site Bangitout.com have once again published a Seder Sidekick to help bring some levity to the Passover Seder. Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Harold Galena, the 38-page PDF document includes song parodies, top ten lists, silly jokes, quizzes, and funny pictures.

Gilad Shalit’s Facebook Friends

06/24/2008 - 20:00
Staff Writer
When I logged onto Facebook Tuesday, 11 of my friends had changed their “status” to indicate that they have been waiting for a man for two years.     No, not for a proposal or a change of heart. The man they are still waiting for is Gilad Shalit, one of the eight kidnapped Israeli soldiers who are still missing. They’re waiting for him to come home alive and well.    

The Pros And Cons Of Our Internet Addiction

Friday, December 12th, 2008

The other day, on a lark, I created a Facebook group called “I Refuse To Join Pointless Facebook Groups,” and invited several hundred of my online friends to join. As of this writing, about three dozen have joined this pointless group, some perhaps aware of the irony, some not.


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