Howard Nevison

Paid Leave For Nevison

05/09/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Temple Emanu-El has granted its cantor, who is awaiting trial on charges that he sexually abused his young nephew, a paid leave of absence, The Jewish Week has learned. A letter sent to members last week from Robert Bernhard, the temple's president, said Cantor Howard Nevison has been on leave since Feb. 20, the day of his arrest, when he was "relieved of all duties." A source connected with the synagogue said it is a paid leave "because this is not punitive."

Legal Defense Fund For Nevison

04/18/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Howard Nevison's friends believe he is innocent, and some of them are putting their money where their mouth is. A letter went out last week from a committee of Cantor Nevison's friends who are raising money for his newly established legal defense fund, The Jewish Week has learned. The cantor, who for 24 years has served the Upper East Side's tony Temple Emanu-El, was arrested in February on charges that he sexually molested his young nephew. He is now awaiting trial. Nevison's lawyer has maintained that his client is innocent.

Rabbis' Addictions Coming To Light

04/10/2003 - 20:00
Staff Writer
In a Trenton, N.J., courtroom last week, Rabbi Juda Mintz, a charismatic Orthodox champion of Jewish pluralism, stood before a federal judge, his fate in the balance. He faced Federal District Court Judge Mary Cooper, charged with downloading child pornography onto his synagogue computer. The rabbi and his followers hoped the judge would allow him to serve his time at the Los Angeles residential Jewish addiction center he moved to a year ago.

Nevison: I Did Nothing Wrong

06/15/2006 - 20:00
Staff Writer
After pleading guilty this week to five counts of sexually abusing his young nephew over a four-year period, Cantor Howard Nevison continues to maintain that he did nothing wrong. In an exclusive interview with The Jewish Week Tuesday (the first time he has spoken publicly about the case that made sensational headlines in 2002) Cantor Nevison said that his deal with prosecutors was akin to a "no contest" plea: "when you don't admit to anything."

Nevison Defense, Prosecution Spar

04/04/2002 - 19:00
Staff Writer
Even before Cantor Howard Nevison’s trial begins, the defense and the prosecution are clashing over the case’s timing. Nevison, who is employed by Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan, was arrested last month on charges that he sexually abused his young nephew, the son of the clergyman’s brother. Another Nevison brother was found guilty of abusing the same boy and is serving time in a Pennsylvania state prison. That man’s son, a cousin of the victim, pleaded guilty on similar charges and is now out on parole.

Emanu-El Criticized Over Cantor Case

02/28/2002 - 19:00
Staff Writers
Experts in sexual ethics violations among clergy are criticizing Temple Emanu-El for the way it has handled the arrest of its cantor, Howard Nevison, on charges that he sexually abused his young nephew. “It’s a huge mistake that they kept him on” after Nevison brought the issue to the attention of synagogue leaders, said Dr. Samuel Klagsbrun, director of the pastoral psychiatry program at the Jewish Theological Seminary, which ordains rabbis and cantors.
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