Harold Grinspoon

Bedtime Stories Good For Publishing Business

Children’s book giveaway writing new chapters in publishing market, and Jewish families.
06/22/2010 - 20:00

Boston — Once upon a time it was hard to find a wide selection of Jewish children’s books. Mostly there were books on Chanukah and Passover, plus retellings of Bible stories and folk tales.

The market was small and uncertain, and mainstream publishers could not count on large enough sales to justify the expense of publishing new titles.

Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Harold Grinspoon and his wife, Diane Troderman, at PJ Library event earlier this year in New York.

Fresh Debate Over New National Charter School Movement

Steinhardt-backed group looks to seed 20 new schools, while other charter supporters call vision 'misguided.'
02/02/2010 - 19:00
Associate Editor

The race to establish a national Hebrew charter schools movement has officially begun, igniting a growing, and fierce, debate about the vision and purpose of schools that could potentially revolutionize the American Jewish education landscape.

Principal Maureen Campbell with students at Brooklyn's Hebrew Language Academy Charter School
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