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Balancing Hate, Renaissance In Poland

A native of Patchogue, L.I., Rabbi Michael Schudrich has worked overseas much of his adult life. The chief rabbi of Poland since 2000, he earlier served with the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation there, and also worked in Japan. In Poland, he is a witness to th
05/07/2009 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Q: A prominent Israeli rabbi recently advised that no Jews should go to Poland, and no school City Winery groups should go there, because it’s a land of “Nazi collaborators.” How’s that playing in Warsaw? A: Not too many people heard about it — it didn’t make it into the mainstream press. For those people who heard about it, it was hurtful. It’s simply a falsification of history to say that all Poles were collaborators. That is something that we as Jews should be very sensitive to.
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