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Smooth Sailing

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As word of the carnage in London spread last Thursday, Anthony Weiner was faced with a quandary. Proceeding with his campaign schedule for the day would demonstrate what he would later call "the aplomb" of citizens of England, Israel and New York in the face of terrorism. But on such a dire day, was it proper to hold a press conference on post-Olympics planning and an endorsement photo op with Brooklyn elected officials?

Speaker Trying To Make Noise

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It's 7:30 on an ordinary morning on the campaign trail, and Gifford Miller is at the 18th Avenue F station in Borough Park doing ordinary things like handing out fliers, trying to spend a moment or two with passers-by as they rush to catch their train. Each time he's wished good luck, the speaker of the City Council replies "You're my luck." An aide remarks about what a good line that is. After a while, Miller does something out of the ordinary when he bursts into song: "Kol od balevav, pnima, nefesh yehudi homiya ..."

Miller Urges Busch Settlement

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City Council Speaker Gifford Miller is calling on the city to settle the civil suit brought by the family of Gidone Busch, who was shot by police in Borough Park in 1999. "The Busch family has suffered a great deal and the sensible thing to do is settle the case," Miller, a Democratic candidate for mayor, said in a recent interview.

Speaker: Council Still Pro-Israel

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Despite a session of raucous testimony on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on July 9, members of the City Council remain "unequivocally pro-Israel," Speaker Gifford Miller told The Jewish Week. In his first comments on the hearing that lasted more than three hours, and included a call for an "evenhanded" resolution condemning violence on both sides, Miller said there was no place for what he called a "morally relative" approach when dealing with terrorism.
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