Gary Shteyngart

Shavuot’s Big Tent, From Ruth To Sandra Bernhard

05/10/2010 - 20:00
Editor and Publisher

While traditional Jews here and around the world will mark Shavuot (from the evening of May 18 to sundown May 20) by staying up the first night studying Torah, several thousand young men and women in San Francisco are expected to flock to Golden Gate Park where, for the admission price of $20, they can attend Dawn, an all-night culture and arts festival.

Gary Rosenblatt

Two Jewish Literatures

04/22/2004 - 20:00

Two pronouncements about literature, made some 30 years ago, have had an enormous influence on my view of how American Jewish literature is evolving. The first is by Irving Howe, who famously said that without the dynamic of immigration and assimilation, of Jews struggling to tell the story of their transformation into Americans, Jewish literature in this country would quickly lose its energy, even its raison d’être.

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