Fabian Schonfeld

Mumbai Update: Thoughts Before Shiva

Sunday, November 30th, 2008 In the wake of the Mumbai massacre, do you think we can give our Quixotic obsession with Jewish-Muslim “dialogue” a rest, at least until after all the Jews get up from shiva? Don’t worry, it’s only a few days, then all the professional dialoguers can go back to dialoguing all they want.  

‘A Cohesive Voice?’

04/02/1998 - 19:00
Staff Writer
When the Synagogue Council of America — the only national rabbinic group representing Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jewry — broke up in 1994 after 68 years, observers said it underscored the growing rift between Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews. “Maybe it has outlived its usefulness,” mused member Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld of the Young Israel of Kew Garden Hills at that time.

`Voice Of The Hebrew Nation’

11/21/2002 - 19:00
Staff Writer
Maj. Aubrey Eban was to give a speech in 1950, and Fabian Schonfeld, a young rabbi who had moved recently to New York City from his native England, made sure he was near a radio. Mr. Eban, still known by his rank in the wartime British army and his original first name, was Israel’s wunderkind, at 35 ambassador to the United Nations and to the United States.
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