Ephraim Oshry

The Mourning Son

10/01/1998 - 20:00
Jewish Week Book Critic

"For many years I had lived without religion. But I could not have lived without the possibility of religion,” Leon Wieseltier writes in “Kaddish.”

Rabbi Ephraim Oshry, 89; Wrote Holocaust Responsa

10/09/2003 - 20:00
Staff Writer
At 19, Rabbi Ephraim Oshry wrote a book on Talmud. He was recognized as a posek, an expert on Jewish law, in Kovno, the second-largest city in Lithuania. Within a decade, his knowledge would be tested in a way he never foresaw. During the three years of German occupation, as one of the few remaining rabbis in the Kovno ghetto, he would answer questions that had life-and-death implications: Was suicide permissible? Could a woman who had become pregnant in the ghetto undergo an abortion? Could a Caesarean section be performed on a dead woman?
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